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Can I iron my veil?

My veil is very creased, I've got it hanging up in hope that some of them will drop out but do you think I can iron it?


  • beesbees Posts: 835

    Could you put it under a towel and iron the towel. I definately wouldnt put the iron directly onto the veil.

  • Have you tried hanging it up in the bathroom while you have a shower, I recently did this with mine and it seemed to work although mine hasn't got many creases x
  • Agree with both of the above!!!  Try the bathroom first and any remaining crease use an iron over a damp towel.  Please don't put the iron directly on the veil!

    Amy's Mum  x

  • Thank you everyone, i'll give that a go!! x

  • NO!  Steamy bathroom...

  • leixinaileixinai Posts: 13

    Please don't put the iron directly on the veil!

    Welcome guy and nice to meet you

  • My bridal shop has told me not to hang it in a steamy room as it can remove the stifness of the veil and make it a bit floppy and that it should just be hung up and the creases will come out? x

  • Use a steamer - just keep well back from it and it works a treat! I wouldn't dare iron mine, I am always burning stuff!!

  • chelle532chelle532 Posts: 173

    I ironed mine. Lowest heat straight onto real silk tulle. It worked perfectly and didn't cause any harm at all. I did test it on spare tulle (made the veil diy so had tulle left over)

    I was of course very very careful but I've been ironing chiffon, silk and tulle dresses for years image 

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