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Wedding Dress from ebay!?

Hi!  I am new here and just getting started on thoughts for our wedding.  All we know so far is we want it small, relaxed, elegant but as cheap as possible....without being tacky of course!  image

I've heard a lot of people talking about how they got their dresses from ebay for amazing prices!  I realise that the quality won't be as good as a designer wedding dress but I think I would compromise on that seeing as though our wedding will be in a small intimate setting - I'm not after any too fancy otherwise I think I might look a bit out of place.

Has anyone on here got their dress from an ebay seller and if so, would you recommend?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Lucy x


  • Do you have a budget for your dress?

    It can be risky getting a dress from eBay, I was initially ping to get mine from their and had heard so many horror stories and the odd few good comments, I was recommended a seller and decided to order a veil from him to see the quality of the material he was using and it was awful, I would have hated my dress to be in the same material. I've heard stories where people have bought a dress for cheap and then had to pay customs charges and alteration charges and in some cases they can't be altered as the material is really bad. In the end I bought a sample dress, it cost a bit more than what I budgeted but is so worth it.

    I'm not trying to out you off just want you to be careful if you do decide to go down that route make sure you really research it, but don't forgot anyone can make an eBay page and leave reviews for sellers so not all feedback on eBay is reliable xx
  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    An alternative eBay (or gumtree/ preloved etc) buy is a second hand dress being sold by a bride after her wedding. Sometimes these have never been worn and even a used dress will only have been worn for a few hours. You may need to get it altered to fit you so do allow lots of time, and look for a seller who is a similar shape to you but you could get a designer dress this way for a fraction of the price.
  • I fell in love with a dress but at 1200 was out of my price range. I found it by accident on eBay after googling it for images to show my bm. I managed to get it from a lady who had sadly cancelled her wedding. It was ??500 with courier costs, a receipt and all tags still intact. It arrived in perfect condition in the original bag. So maybe eBay has a lot of wedding dress horror stories but there is the odd good one out there image

    Good luck with your search.
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    I agrew with Mrs F2b - I think there are some lovely preloved dresses on ebay and some amazing bargains - just search each day and you will see all the new ones coming in.  Much les risky than the ones from abroad - again, I hear a lot of bad stories about those - and a couple of good ones too, I admit!

    Second hand from ebay was an option I considered but found a dress pretty well priced in a shop.  But I still check ebay incase I have a big dress wobble when I go for the fitting! xx

  • When we first booked our wedding, i fell in  love with an alvena valenta dress which was nearly £3000 - after much research i ordered a dress based on this off one of the chinese sellers on ebay for something like 275. They had 100% positive feedback so i felt pretty confident.

    When the dress arrived i was horrified. It was cheap, poorly made and absolutely nothing like the dress they advertised. The beading looked awful and fabric was cheap. Luckily as the dress was not like the description, i put a dispute in through paypal and got my money back.

    I ended up going to lots of dress shops and eventually found my dream dress in a sample sale at wedding dress outlet shop - it was 1600 originally - i paid 400 and it looks so expensive. When i showed my MoH she couldnt believe that it cost less that 2000.

    I agree with other posters - look on preloved etc or research dress outlets in your area as you can save a fortune. Also kitty & dulcie, honeypie boutique etc have some gorgeous dresses online that are really reasonable. I got my evening dress from honeypie boutique and its beautiful. There are so many options that dont have to cost the earth. image

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569



    i got my dress from ebay - but not from international seller - its an oleg casini ? and was brand new with tags - it has a little mark on it which i will get it cleaned , this was the second dress i got from there - the first was a preowned but sadly didnt fit so i sold it on for what i paid . maybe do a search within 25 miles of your area - there are amazing bargains to be had - i was looking over a month and had loads shortlisted image

  • Another thing I forgot to mention is a lot of the genuine sellers are quite happy for you to go look/try on if you are local with it being such an important purchase x
  • Hi, I don't know about the made to measure dresses from china, but I bought my wedding dress off ebay from an online wedding boutique. I saw it originally but didn't act quickly enough and lost it, yet a few weeks later it was relisted by a different seller a few miles down the road. I went to pick it up from her and found out that she had bought it then changed her mind about it and never even worn it!

    So you can get wonderful second hand or unworn dresses from ebay, plus my gorgeous dress was just what I wanted and cost all of ....£70 image

  • LBrideLBride Posts: 29

    Thank you for all the advise.  It confirms my fears I have to say, I feel nervous about ordering from an international seller.  I will look locally instead!

    My budget is £350....I know I won't get a lot for my money but it is a registry office then a drinks reception and meal with 30 guests.  I don't want a "wedding dress" per say.  The search is harder than I thought!

    Thank you all!


  • Have you look at the dress in bhs and also asos have some lovely ones for around that price, here's a couple xx

  • LBrideLBride Posts: 29

    Have looked at BHS, there are a few nice ones yes but nothing that has made me go WOW!  Love those pics tho....are those the ASOS ones?


  • Yeah Hun, think they are about 300 xx
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Hi Lucy

    My dress cost me ??300 and was a sample dress from a stockist just outside London. Thay'd had it a couple of years and so it was an older design. It had been tried on a few times but never 'worn in anger' as it were, so they simply dry cleaned it for me and then popped it in the post. It originally retailed at ??1400 so it was an absolute bargain and I felt like a million dollars wearing it. If you have a certain designer in mind or even a certain style, try googling '[designer name] sample' and see what comes up.

    There is also nothing wrong with second hand, preloved or even unused dresses due to a change of mind or cancellation. You can get some real bargains out there and if I hadn't found mine via this stockist I'd definitely have bought something through Ebay.

    I would exercise real caution if looking for a replica dress, particularly from an overseas seller. Sometimes you can get lucky and the dress is fine, but over the years there have been some real horror stories on here.
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    ...or you could try a few preloved retailers? Such as


    I haven't used them yself but the theory seems sound enough.
  • LBrideLBride Posts: 29

    These are great flossycat! Thank you, I will keep checking the site, although I LOVE this one! image 



  • Why not contact a few of your local bridal shops, explain you are on a budget and I am sure they will try to help you. A sale is a sale after all!

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    lucybride - have you thought of looking for a cream or ivory bridesmaid dress ? they will ususally be cheaper and not so much a wedding dress but still suitable - your wedding sounds very similar to my own - registry office - meal in pub for total of 20 then we are off on holiday image


    my dress is not typical wedding gown i will try to upload a picture if i can

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569


    close up of top part




     it actually looks lovley on and is very flattering , its ivory/ cream and perfect for me image

  • You have exactly the same budget as me! How about monsoon - they do wedding dresses. I saw a beautiful one in there on Saturday for ??200. Phase Eight is another option I'm looking at. My sister last year got her wedding dress from Debenhams - it is an evening dress in cream that is stunning. Good luck!
  • LBrideLBride Posts: 29

    Thanks so much for all the advise.  I'm feeling much happier now image xx

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    I have recently seen a couple of americans post on wedding bee, and theyve been relatively happy with dresses from dressilyme (although of course they arnt as refined as the more expensive ones but still look pretty good!)

    and a couple of people happy with light in the box to.

    As my evening dress I am 90% sure I'm going to get a two birds bridesmaid one in ivory x

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