Ordering BM dresses!

Whats the timescale for ordering BM dresses through a bridal shop! Having a problem with busy BM's!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR!


  • I was told about 3-4 months xx

    My Bridesmaid is exactly the same, im still waiting for her to come and look at my dress with me, she was meant to let me know when she was free 2 weeks ago and im still waiting lol xx

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    Some can take at least 4 months to come in and then you need a couple of weeks for alterations............x

  • Ok! Wedding is in August! Really wanted to get this nailed in November but its looking dodgy! So probably by Feb at the latest then?

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    That's what I would say........maybe tell your bridesmaids you need to order them 6 months in advance though- so say Jan ideally- just so they don't drag their feet any longer image

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    What if any of your bridesmaids are still growing? I don't want to order too soon and get the size wrong. Do they do children's dresses last minute to accommodate that?
  • I'm not having any wee ones - but hopefully the adult ones will not be doing much growing! LOL! When I got married before my wee flower girl grew out of her dress and her shoes - it was a nightmare!!!!!!! We were having it made so they were able to add in bits but it was new shoes for her with 2 weeks to go! GAH!

  • My bridesmaid has told me not too order her dress until just before the wedding image, wedding is next July and I was ideally going to get her to start trying some on soon and then order early next year, she is trying to put on weight so doesn't want to order one now until she's at the weight she wants to be, but knowing her it will take forever!!! x
  • I'm having Dessy dresses for my girls and I was told that I need to order them by the start of December for my June 29th 2013 wedding, to allow time for them to come in and be altered image. Apparently this is because Dessy, and a lot of other manufacturers have a christmas shut down for their factories, and after new year getting the dresses ready for summer weddings is their busiest time. This put me in a bit of a flap but I've eventually managed to organise having measurements taken.

    The lady in the shop I'm getting ours from said that they have a way of estimating growth of children, I hope it's accurate as my flowergirls are both still growing rapidly!

    Hope this helps! xx

  • I've got them organised and an appointment booked for November! Hooray!!!!!!!! Hopefully they'll get something they like then!

    I did phone the wedding shops I think we'll go to for advice! The one we're going to in November said January would be fine to order. The other shop said the same! So I feel a bit better about it! But I'm in that lull and this is something I could do so i'm glad we're doing it!

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