cover up/bolero/shrug thing for wedding dress

Hi, wondered if anyone can help...I've seen a dress that I like but it's strapless - something I didn't think I wanted! Anyway, I want to cover up my chest and arms for modesty for church (and to hide my arms!) and I'm trying to work out what the name of those shrug things that you can get that you put on back to front and they cover your chest and arms. Not sure if I'm describing it right! I went to a dress shop where the saleswomen put one on me over a Pronovious dress and I just don't know what it is to look for one to buy. Does anyone know what I mean? I think you can wear them either way, so you can put your arms in like you would a normal jacket, or you put your arms in as you would a cape thing you wear at some hairdressers! Thanks xx


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    I have been looking for the same thing for church (I was going to add straps to my dress but I like the idea of having 2 looks with being able to take the bolero off for the reception), still not worked out the actual name if it, but searching under lace bolero does bring up some matches. How about this or something similar....

    If you work out the name of it, please post on here so I know!

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    Thanks! Yes that is the sort of thing I want! I don't want one that you wear that looks like a jacket, more like an overlay/cover up thing so I think the pic you sent could work. I tried one on in a shop and you can wear them on top of your dress or you can wear it so it hides underneath, just covering your chest and arms. don't know the name of it but I guess it is a bolero?Anway, if I find out the name or find any others I will let you know. Thanks again for the link! 

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    p.s. I could go back to the shop where I tried it but the woman was really pushy and the ones she was putting me in were like £700  just for the cover up thing! I don't really want to go back there and  ask her what they're called or where I could get a cheaper one...

  • Next have some lace boleros in the sale for ??10 xx
  • Hi Alexia,

    I think this is what you're thinking of -

    Tulip Bridal is a shop in California (NOT China!) and they deliver world wide.  I bought a similar jacket from them earlier this year.  I think it worked out to about £65 all up including delivery.

    They send it by post so you'll need to allow a few weeks for it to be delivered.  I was very happy with the quality.

    I found it in the end by googling "lace bridal jacket" and selecting "images" until I found one that looked like what I wanted.

    I hope this helps!

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