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Very excited to have ordered my dress this weekend!

Just out of interest though, for those of you who already have your dresses, how much did it have to be altered by and how much did that cost?  Trying to work out how much I should roughly budget!


  • beesbees Posts: 835

    Oooooh exciting.

    Mine are capped at £100, it could be less depending what needs doing but wont cost more than than. Thank goodness because I'm quite a shorty so I'll need a fair amount off the bottom.

  • My dress needs taking in a dress size or two and taking up a little bit at the bottom and ive been told mine will cost £60.  However ive bought some higher shoes now so might not need taking up as much xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Unless you need/ want major alterations £150 should be more than enough to take the hem up a few inches and take the bodice in if needed x

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