I'm going dress shopping this weekend!!!!

I've booked 3 appointments for this weekend and I'm really nervous. I have no idea what I want either and I'm really indecisive so if I'm honest I'm dreading it.

Has anyone any advice?


  • relax and enjoy!  This is something that you generally only do once, so try to put your worries aside and enjoy the experience.  Also, try and pick a few styles that are a bit different as you never know what might look nice once it's on.

    Most of the dresses can look a bit daunting on the hanger, don't let this put you off, it will look completely different once it's pinned to your shape.

    I was dreading the dress shopping bit, I have such an awkward shape and am not a fan of shopping at the best of times.....but I did it this weekend, literally spent a day in the shop just trying all sorts on and found my perfect dress.  Once you've tried a few on you'll feel a bit more at ease.

  • LorraineXLorraineX Posts: 202

    I'm the same I hate shopping at the best of times so I'm dreading it more than I'm looking forward to it.

  • Take a strapless bra!
  • You'll be fine, I was really nervous expecting to be stood around in my underwear a lot but I wasn't. I knew what sort of dress I wanted it was a choice between 2 different styles, I found my dress quite quickly it was the 3rd one I tried on but I knew I had to try loads more on, I tried all different shapes and the next day went to a different store and bought the dress image

    Take lots of photos you might be overwhelmed trying loads of, I thought they all looked nice, however after looking back at the photos and posting them on her to get some advice I knew which shape was right for me.

    I didn't wear a strapless bra as I don't have one but I just tucked the straps in that seemed to work fine xxx
  • I went dress shopping for the first time last weekend, going again on Thursday to different shop. I would say take someone with you who you trust, and have a set budget so you don't try something on that you fall in love with to be told it's out of budget.... If you go to the right place the staff should be really knowledgeable and be able to pick out dresses they think would suit you. Take photos, if you're trying on loads of dresses you want to be able to look back at photos after the excitement has calmed down image. Good luck x

  • I was really scared of going Bridal shopping at first. I went on my own just in case I chickened out at the last minute and wasted everybodies time. Walked into first shop and was meet by a very unimpressed shop owner who told me to go and look at the dresses. I walked round and round not knowing what to choose. Picked out one but was told I wouldnt fit into it (i'm a size 12)! Hardly huge really. Was hurried into some more and hurried back out. Didn't enjoy it at all. It put me off doing it again. But then I moved onto the next shop. They were so much better. Young girl served me, helped me pick out 5 different shapes of dresses ( even if I wasnt keen on the shape) and then we worked through them. I enjoyed it much more & even got excited about having another go. My point is, even if you have a bad experience, keep going, its just a bad shop! Once you've got the shape, you can narrow down so many dresses. If you havent bought anybody on the first go. Make sure you take 1 or 2 people along on the next visit. They will help boost your confidence. And dont be totally surprised if none of the dresses make you cry and emotional. It doesnt happen to everybody. It doesnt mean you havent found the one. I just found that I didn't want to look at anymore dresses. I visited 14 shops in the end, lol! Enough was enough. All the dresses that I had liked, I revisited and picked one of them. And now I LOVE it, lol. Enjoy image

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