Enzoani Dakota Brides: I need your advice on size


I need advice from all of my fellow Enzoani Dakota Brides... I have been measured for my dress already but they cannot order the dress with the designer until i have been in to have my 'hollow to hem' measured as i need the extra length. The problem here is that they have now given me time to think (always dangerous).

My concern is that when i was measured they obviously took my sizes as they are now, however due to a busy period of parties/weddings/holidays i have recently gained a bit of weight around the tummy (not ideal for ordering my wedding dress).

I am normally around a 12-14 (uk size) and want to make sure i am a 12 for the wedding (i want to look my best possible me).

However when the bridal shop took my measurements and checked them against their size chart for Enzoani, they concluded that i matched closest to a size 18 - I was quite shocked by thisbut the lady at the shop explained that the wedding dress sizes come up a lot smaller - so i am assuming this would be a normal size 16 which is still bigger than my normal size.

My concern is that if i do lose the weight, will the dress fit me properly? The Bridal shop assistant explained that they could adjust the size around the chest and waist but not around the hips.

Has anyone had any similar experiences/advice?

Thanks xx





  • Hi,

    I'm not a Dakota bride, but I am Enzoani bride and did try Dakota on. My dress shop did say Enzoani measure funny sizes e.g a 12 actually measures an 11, a 14 meaures 13 so you'd have to be a very small 12 to fit an Enzoani 12 perfectly.

    I am normally a 12-14 too, and ordered my dress in a 14. They didn't go off the measurement chart though, we went from the sample. The sample was a 12 and fit perfectly my waist and hips, but although it did up it felt tight around my bust so I went for the bigger size to then take in the hips and waist, but allow the extra room up top! She said they could let it out if I went for the 12 but for peace of mind i'd rather the extra material to play with.

    How long do you have before your wedding? Can you delay ordering by a month or two to get back to a 12 then get re-measured? What size was the shop sample and did it fit? I do remember the Dakota being tighter than the others due to the shape so I think it's a combination of the small Enzoani sizes and the shape of the dress x
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