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Looking for good clip in hair extensions...

I'm having my hair up for my wedding but i think I need a bit of extra hair to make my style a little better. Started looking online last night and this morning and its just a minefield out there! Too many choices and to be honest, I have no idea what I'm looking for! Can anyone help? I dont want anything that'll be obvious when I have my hair up. I'd be worrying all day that you could see the clips!

Any advice ladies?


Jo x


  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I bought these:

    They're excellent quality - I was advised by my hairdresser what to buy.  You cant see the clips either image

  • Ive used clip in extensions for years (only wear them for special occassions) so ive tried lots of different types, the best ones ive had (& currently use) are called Foxy Locks Extensions, theyre a little more expensive but the quality of the hair is great.

    Cant remember what the website is but if you google it it'll come up & theres loads of people reviewing them in youtube videos too

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Hiya, I have to admit I went for the cheap option and they were KNOCKOUT! Not sure where you are but in London (I went to a shop in Lewisham) they have a whole shop just dedicated to fake hair and natural hair, as well as products.  I managed to nab a 4 piece clip in 18' hair extensions (selfridges were selling at £200 for a similar thing) for £32.99!  If you are in London, private message me and I'll give you details on where it was.  They were straight ones, but we curled for effect and for volume!  Hope that helps.


  • Have you tried Sally's Hair and beauty supplies?


  • Try Annabelle's Wigs online. The have an amazing selection. Some if which can be heat styled too. They give fab advice too if you're stuck. Hope it helps.
  • Thanks everyone. I had a look at foxylocks, got some great reviews but I think they're a little too expensive for me. I dont really wanna pay too much because i'm so rubbish with hair and make up type stuff that I doubt I'll wear them again.

    Will have a look at Sally's and Annabelles now image

     MrsM2Be21, I'll PM you. Thanks image

  • Or at least I would if I could figure out how to! I'm in the London area, work in the west and live in the East/Essex

  • You must try Minque hair extensions they're incredible! Excellent quality and hair feels so thick and soft! 

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