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Crafters - help!!

I have just spotted these: 

 and think they are gorgeous. Do you think I could make a version if I got ivory shoes and used the same lace we're using on my dress? What could I stick it with that wouldn't fall off or show? I'm rubbish at DIY image xx


  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    You could use fabric glue maybe? Think you could def achieve this, maybe pop into your local haberdashery and ask for some advice? X
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Yes, I'm sure this is possible, you can get special fabirc glue that dries clear - might be worth doing a practice on an old pair of shoes and some cheap lace first

  • ooooooh, they're BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    these look lovely! fabric glue would work. if you mix it half and half with pva then it doesnt dry so quickly which is handy for getting the position right. Dont know what shoes you were thinking of but the pic looks like suade and even when dried clear it would prob look matted with the glue. x

  • yes Malb2b13, that's what I am worried about image I guess I could brush it on lightly but then the lace might fall off... I like the idea of having suede as it's different from my dress fabric... Don't want to be close but not quite and clash!

    I'm very tempted to treat myself to the teal pair lol. Damn LK Bennet sale! Not really supposed to be buying random gifts for myself lol xx

  • Oh that's not a bad idea... I gave all the lace to my SM and can't really rememebr how thick it was but I can have a look when I go over next  -  my dress has been started - eek!!

    Maybe if I make the shoes Nats will stick some glitter on them for me image 


  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    I would use fabric glue with a thin nozzle. Or even superglue as it doesn't really need to move much?

    To get the shape for the heel bit, cover the whole heel in cling film then Sellotape. Draw round the bit you want to cover then cut it off and cut along the lines you drew. Gives you a template for cutting out your lace.
  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    good idea from wenchy! id go for the teal ones, I am having bright blue velvet shoes. will def wear them again because they are beautiful! suade is tricky and you would have to be careful not to get any glue anywhere on show. like wenchy said if you have lace like these then the nozzle glues would work well on the thicker parts. x

  • I would just buy the teal ones but my colour scheme is Navy so I don't think it would work. I've seen these: 

     that are Navy but I think they aren't as nice image Only £20 not £180 though! xx

  • ooh...I like the navy ones.  Defintely look more expensive than £20!


    I agree they aren't quite as nice as OP but they will be under your dress, so I like the idea of the toe being lace, rather than the heel, as the toe gets "flashed" more!  image

  • Hi I've just seen this tutorial and thought it might help, it is American but I'm sure we'd have similar glues

    Hope I've pasted the link correctly! 

  • The link didn't work for me, but I think I found the article:

  • or... design your own?

    You could always show them the teal ones and ask for something similar?

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