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Where can I find purple wedding shoes?

Hi all, can anyone recommend a shop/ website for a pair of purple shoes. I'm looking for myself, courts with some bling on them a nice heel not too low or high. I've seen some lovely pictures on google images but when searching in shops or online I can't find any I like. A lot of them are the wrong colour or oldie looking :-/ Don't mind peep toe but prefer not (h2bs preference) Thanks


  • what type of purple are you looking for?

    cadbury purple?


    A different purple?


    If you find some you like - you could always try and get them dyed, if the colour match is a problem.  Rainbow shoes do some nice ones and offer a dying service - so might be worth a look.


    Or if its the bling that's lacking maybe you could buy some you like and then get them blinged up?  Several companies do it for you, or you could try and DIY

  • Thankyou for replying,

    I'm looking for a Cadbury purple image I like the idea of DIY x
  • debenhams. i got some fuschia pink for myself (there not tech bridal shoe but i like them). they have a little heel but are peep toe. Why doesnt your h2b want peep toe lol

  • look at rainbow club and pink by paradox as any of their shoes can be dyed?

  • debenhams hun i have just got myself some cadbury purple shoes from there to wear on my big day they were in the sale though but most shoes nowadays can be dyed or have a look on ebay xx


  • Thanks girls
  • Yep I've got some for Xmas from debenhams
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