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My dress is too short.

I'm getting married on the 1st of January and went to try on my dress which has just arrived in the shop. It's too short! It's Jenny Packham Imari and the sample was fine but the real thing has turned up and it's different. There's no hem to let down and my heels are already only 1" high. It was barely long enough in my bare feet Has anyone heard of JP making a hash of things before? If so how did you sort it out? There was only the seamstress left in the shop when I tried the dress and so I have an anxious wait till Monday morning before I can find oug whether the shop owner has any bright ideas.


  • Same size - both a size 12.

  • Don't panic hun, I've not had this experience, but at the end of the day they will want you to have a perfect dress that fits and a good experience so they will do something to sort it out....I know it must be a stressful wait but they will be able to do something.

    Is the sample still in the shop do you know?  if so it should be even easier to resolve as they will just be able to so will be easy to sort out.

    But even if not you were sold the dress to fit you and if it doesn't then they will need do something!

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