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Fabulous plus sized dress shop

I just had to tell everyone about Curvy Couture in south Essex, if you are a plus sized bride you really must go, it's well worth a bit of travel. Being a plus sized shop the sample dresses will fit, the staff will be nice and they understand what suits a larger figure. So far, much the same as other plus sized shops I visited. But, unlike other shops they had a real range of different styles of dresses to try (the other one I went to really only had A-line). They take photos for you (without you having to ask) so you can compare dresses and see the back and side views. They will then email you the photos so you can think about it. They are utterly honest about pricing, even emailed me the next day to apologise for making a mistake - the discount they offered me should have been more and they took another ??150 off! If you need a late evening appointment or similar they can be flexible within reason and try to be helpful. They have lots of parking. They are really lovely! image When you buy a dress you get given a mini bottle of champagne and I do stickers, which is really sweet and just typical of how nice they are. Anyway, fantastic shop, I'm so glad I went there and just had to give them a recommendation!


  • Aww i wish i lived nearer as the dress shop i travelled to in harrogate was similar . It was fab having every dress fit or be too big ( that rarely happens in normal shops!!) x
  • yes , these dresses are always in trend and have the good range available there . Their styles must be good and best in looks.

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