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beach wedding dress for a cathedral wedding?

Wedding dress shopping has been long process for me. I have tried what seems like a thousand dresses, brought two wedding dresses, and hated them both. They are both satin, plain A-lines and I am starting to grow of the A-line look.
At the beginning, I wanted to wear a flowy wedding dress. I should of listen to myself instead of buying a dress because of its low price. I started looking around (yet again) for wedding dresses. I am starting to adore chiffon empire style with a chapel train. I am having an extremely formal but small ceremony in a cathedral. And I fall in love with this dress at my first sight(sorry for the small pic)


but I don't know if it is appropriate for this type of ceremony. I read most people wear these kind of dresses for beach weddings, but some managed to pull it off at more formal settings. But Im not sure if I can pull it off in a huge church. Is it possible to look too casual or beachy in a cathedral? 


  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    If its 'the one' does it matter??

    Go try some on and see how it makes you feel! If you feel amazing and know you've finally your dress then that's all that counts!!

    If it help, mine was kinda the opposite - I had a small civil wedding and wore a big satin dress, that had a chapel length train on the back and my mum's cathedral length viel, the viel went on for miles after the dress, but it made me feel amazing so I didn't even question the setting of the wedding!!

    If it makes you happy then go for it!!image
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