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Ordering so many accessories online and returning it all!!

Hi all, 

just a silly post from me really.  Im tired of going to the post office about two times a week!  Starting to joke with the counter staff about it now!!

Have been ordering finishing touches for my wedding dress and accessories since January. We dont have any big stores and only two bridal shops in town so Ive been ordering loads of things and none of them are quite right.

First it was side tiaras which I know dont think suit me, as in I feel they sit up from my head too much and Id like the band to sit closely to my head.  Ordered around 6 from various places and the amount of postage Ive paid for delivery and returns!!!

Now, I want an ivory hair flower on a clip, not a comb.  Cue more of the same, ordering, returning etc....

I have just ordered a martine wester hair clip from House of fraser half price!  FIngers crossed its the one!

I think Ive spent about £50 on postage!AAAGH!

Has any one else struggled?  



  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Eek!! Thats a lot of postage - i feel for you, i couldnt find anything i liked for my hair either - didnt have the same postage prob though as i couldnt even find anything i liked enough to even order!! But one day i found the exact right thing and didnt even hesitate about ordering! I didnt even relise that was what i was looking for till i saw it! So rest assured you will find the perfect item!!! image
  • Tink84Tink84 Posts: 44
    Really recommend Chez Bec! I got my ivory rose hair clip from there! I love it! image x
  • I ended up making my own and have now started selling bespoke hair accessories. It's so hard to find exactly what you want do why settle for "nearest" when you can have that dream item?!? It made sense to me to work within a bride's budget and work with her to design and create a completely individual item. That way each bride can be certain that she has something no one else has as well as getting that special accessory she always dreamed of.

    I'm on Facebook at

    Good luck with your search x
  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    hi all, just an update.  after ordering about 12 hair accessories from different online retailers and spending £65 on delivery and returns, ive finally found a hair flower that sits well. ironically, it was 4.99.  if only id thought about trying the cheap ones first, would have saved so much on p& p and returns!

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I ordered a pair of shoes in the sale that really didn't fit when they arrived.  It cost me £10 to send them back!  That is the only down side to online mail ordering!

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    mrs sabs! oh dear, was that postage within uk?  Its when things are expensive, I wanted to send them back either recorded or special delivery. boo.x


  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    Yep uk recorded delivery, I didn't want to risk them going missing so thought it best to send them that way.  So far that's the only thing I wasn'y happy with.  Everything else I've ordered has been exactly what I wanted!

  • This is why I am so cautious with online wedding accessories. Normally if I order a pair of jeans in the sale and they don't fit they end up sitting in the back of my wardrobe but I cant afford to do that with £150 hair clip!

    My veil is currently sitting at my parents and I am dying to try it on with my hair band! I am so so worried about my veil, it's custom made and I won't be able to send it back, what makes it worse is that my mums bought it for me so if it doesnt look right I am going to have to suck it up, or make a very very sneaky switch!

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    I am sure this is going to happen to me when I start shopping for head bands. I've seen several that I really like, but it's impossible to really compare them. 

    I really wish every accessory provider could do a fixed set of pictures - I need to see a picture of the item both on it's own (so I can see the detail) as well as a picture of it on a model (so I can judge how big/wide/blingy it really is). Most sites don't do this and it makes it so much harder!

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    it's so annoying when you dont have a boutique thats stocks a lot of things.  

    my advice would be shortlist the headbands down to 3-5 and then look no further.  i searched for months trying to find the perfect one and whilst they were stunning, there was always a miniscule thing that didnt make it 100% perfect. 

  • CasamamaCasamama Posts: 123

    also i dont like it when some on line shops put the headbands on manneqins heads as i've found these are usually on a slightly smaller scale to real heads!


  • Casamama that's why I ended up making my own accessories and those for my bridesmaids. Since then I've been asked to make tiaras and combs for friends and have now turned this into a fledgling business making bespoke accessories.

    Futuremrsjc I've taken on board your comments about photos and will do that from now on! However as I do bespoke items I can't photograph them before they are made so I send a customer a sketch with an indication of height and size of each crystal that is intended for use. Any pictures I do take on a head are on real people not models as this gives a better indication as to size.
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