If you buy your dress online...

If you buy a dress online, how do you know what size hoop/underskirt to go for?

I've seen a dress online which I just cannot find in the shops, although I have been able to try one which is very similar in shape with just some different detailing. If I buy the one I've seen online, I can't imagine bridal shops being impressed with me asking to make an appointment to only look at their range of underskirts and veils. For the veil it doesn't matter so much , but how would I know which was the 'right' hoop/underskirt, or is it just trial and error with online orders?


  • jujoukjujouk Posts: 147

    tbh,  I wouldn't buy a wedding dress off the net, this is your once in a lifetime purchase and for me its the advice & support that I have received so far from the bridal shop where I purchased my dress from, is priceless.  I wouldn't even know where to start about hoops and if you get it wrong its going to be very noticable and on your wedding photo's forever. Why don't you got to a bridal shop and see what gowns they have, if you have a limited budget a lot of bridal shops now have sale rails at least then you will know what you are getting and they will help you with your accessories. 

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