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Should I pick the safe option or take the risk?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma & wonder if anyone can give me any advice? So, I've tried on a lot of dresses in the last 5 months & have discovered that I'm not the type to have the emotional moment over a dress. There is one I keep thinking about & it's off the peg. I'm almost decided on it...until I went to the National Wedding Show in London yesterday & met a lovely designer who briefly sketched me a dress based on my ideas & i'm considering this option. The difference in price between the 2 would be about ??300. I'm a bit worried that I'll do the latter & regret my decision, but equally is it best to stick with the safe option? Does anyone have any experience of having a dress made? Any advice would be great.


  • Not quite the same but I had a similar dilema with my wedding ring.

    None that I was seeing were invoking any real sort of feeling of the right one but I had an idea in mind that I really liked. I went with it but didn't get to see it until it was made and they only had my description of how I envisioned it.

    If you like the design and are not 100% sure on any other dress I would go with it.

    If you pick the safe option you might always wonder what if with your own idea.

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