JJs house - an honest review of bridesmiad dresses

Hello fellow brides to be! I wanted to write this review as I think it may be helpful for those of you looking to buy your bridesmaid dresses online: I saw these dresses on jjs house website and fell in love with them: http://www.jjshouse.com/A-Line-Princess-Scoop-Neck-Tea-Length-Chiffon-Bridesmaid-Dress-With-Sash-007017303-g17303 I looked high and low for something similar in the uk but had no luck so I took the gamble and placed my order. I ordered on the 2/3/2013. The dresses arrived on 20/3/2013. The dresses cost (for three) ??207 The delivery (for three) totalled ??35 The customs bill (upon delivery at my house) was ??87 - now, I was expecting a small charge but not this much!! Anyway, total cost for all three dresses ??329. I think I am most impressed with the quality... They are much heavier than I thought they would be. They are fully lined and are very very nice. I did play it safe and I ordered a size too big for all of them so I will now have alterations costs but I am pleased overall with these dresses! They were packaged well and jjs house kept me informed right the way through the process. Even letting me know that my parcel had arrived but no one was in to collect it. I have read some very dodgy reviews of this website but from my experience I think they were very good. I hope that this helps! If anyone has any questions - just ask! image x


  • Where did all my blinking spaces go?? It's all crammed into one paragraph! Sorry ladies!
  • Did you need to order a bigger size in the end or would the correct dress size fit ok ? Im debating ordering dresses if the dresses i love in high st shops dont suit but am worried that with customs & postage then alterations it may work out cheaper to buy a BM dress from a bridal shop
  • Well, that's the downside- there are no returns so I ordered the larger dresses thinking I could get them altered if required. They definitely need altering though!

    It may be cheaper to buy dress from a bridal shop? Not sure how much they cost in those shops? ??150?

    I am pleased with the dresses, it's just a shame about the additional customs charge image x
  • I was a BM for my friend last week . She got the dresses from light in the box and they were lovely . Really good quality and had a good thick lining too
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    Hi! I have found a dress in a shop here in the Uk which is PERFECT but coming in at £1200, almost double my budget, as we're getting married on a bit of a shoestring. (I know, I should never have tried it on, lol!). I've been having kittens about how on earth I was going to afford it when I found almost the exact same dress on JJs House website for about £200! Even assuming I would need to have it altered and allowing for customs charges it would still be a lot cheaper than the 'real' thing. Have read all the reviews and am really nervous about ordering, taking a gamble on the bridesmaid dresses is one thing, but the wedding dres?! Can you offer any advice?

    Thanks image

  • My friends bridal seamstress said she has had quite a few brides bring in jen jen house wedding dresses and they are really good quality and well made for the money they charge . Ive seen a bolero that looks lovely and is only £37 . Think i will order as the ones in bridal shops are £150+ . I got BM dresses from marks & spencers in the end . I paid £44 each and they are lovely x

  • DON'T order through them! I ordered bridesmaid dresses... they included shipping and handling in their fees, but when it arrived from CHINA we have to pay another $40 for exactly what they had said we paid for for EACH DRESS. NONE of the dresses came in the size or length that was ordered, even one that was custom sized. 3 were 3 sizes too big, and one was over 7 inches longer than pictured. TWO came in the WRONG colour by far! Another came with a totally different stitching and style, though the tag read the same dress. When we emailed them for a refund and exchange, they said they "thought the fabric was beauty and I hope you like your dress!", refusing to refund us. There is no customer service number to call, so there is nothing you can do about it. The tailoring for the dresses is bringing the price of the dresses up by at least double, never mind the double shipping/handling fees. They would not comply or help us in any way.

    Stay far away at all costs! A terrible company with no integrity, no customer service, terrible craftsmanship, terrible policies... a nightmare waiting to happen.

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    Please don't risk your big days by getting your dress from these people. I paid too much for a dress which is so different to the one shown on the website. and they don't accept refund too! The quality is also awful. At the time of buying I was not told I'd have to pay the importation charges, tax, etc. myself. Now I have to throw the dress in the bin after paying too much money.

  • A needle left inside the dress!!!!!
    I ordered this dress and I received it in less than a week which was really cool. Skipping the fact that the embroidery is of very low quality and the front side of the dress is shrunk underneath the embroidery, when I was trying in on, I got stuck by something sharp. It took me 15 minutes to find the needle which was placed between the lining and the main fabric.

    I had to spend a lot of time and money dealing with the necessary blood tests after a needle stuck, again skipping all the stress of this procedures. Thank god the blood test came out negative for the related possible problems. But seriously, I would have preferred to receive the dress later so that the tailors had enough time to check their work not to leave a needle in it and also deliver a better quality.

  • A needle left inside the dress!!!!!
    I ordered this dress and I received it in less than a week which was really cool. Skipping the fact that the embroidery is of very low quality and the front side of the dress is shrunk underneath the embroidery, when I was trying in on, I got stuck by something sharp. It took me 15 minutes to find the needle which was placed between the lining and the main fabric.

    I had to spend a lot of time and money dealing with the necessary blood tests after a needle stuck, again skipping all the stress of this procedures. Thank god the blood test came out negative for the related possible problems. But seriously, I would have preferred to receive the dress later so that the tailors had enough time to check their work not to leave a needle in it and also deliver a better quality.

  • I would like to share my expereince, Please DONNOT BUY any dress from JJhouse, I have very unsatified expereince to purchase the dress from JJhouse.com, and also not give the refund as well...

    Shipping fees and duty fees has costed me 49GBP, the dress is not shown in the website, from color prospect and also from qualify, the dress doesn't have a good shape, used a very thick material and looks very chubby and not shape your figure at all. No Customer Service number to call, and I have missed my big event. I would like to warn anyone wants to buy the dresses please be careful, please buy local website with good return service.

  • I think JJs house are suffering some kind of "smear campaign" at the minute. There are a couple of websites that have mysteriously had a sudden glut of very negative reviews when they have previously had what can be best described as mixed reviews - they weren't perfect (few places are) but they weren't the demons they are being made out to be either. This becomes even more suspect when most of these reviews are supposedly from someone in the UK or US but are written in pigeon English.

    It clearly states on JJsHouse site that you may have to pay a customs fee so I don't understand why so many people are saying that they knew nothing about this charge.

    If anything, this smear campaign has made me feel more confident about buying from JJsHouse. After all, if their competitors feel their only chance to succeeed is by destroying their reputation, they're obviously doing something right! I'm prepared to take the risk, so I'll go ahead and place my order with them and let you all know how it turns out.


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    @Jane C.  Regarding what you think is a smear campaign, I believe it is just a lot of unhappy customers who have had similar experiences as mine.  I am a sixty year-old mother who hates spending time shoppiing, so I thought I could get a nice on-line dress for a good price.  I found JJHouse and read all of these great reviews they have on-line and decided to try them.  I paid the extra $20 to get a "custom fit".  I actually ordered two dresses.  One of the dresses fit fine and looks okay.  There was an odd seam that ran down the front-center of the dress which I hadn't noticed in the picture, and that bothered me a little.  But overall, I think I can at least wear it.  The second dress was made incorrectly.  The hips were 3.5" too small.  I sent a picture of the dress with the tape measure actually showing the incorrect size, and they disputed my claim and offered me a 15% refund!  For my $152, I could have gone shopping and found a nice dress that actually fit.  If you are determined to do business with this company, I just hope you have better luck than I did.  I certainly will never use them again!  By the way, I live in the Atlanta, GA area of the US.  Also, there are a lot of You Tube videos about the dresses from this company, and the girls all look like they're Chinese, so who really knows what to believe about reviews you see on-line. 

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    I ordered a belero/wrap from JJs House.  I found the website easy to use.  My order arrived very quick and was amazed by the detail and fit.  The size chart on the website is very accurate.  Unfortunately the colour wasn't right against the dress.  I contacted them and again was amazed by the efficient way they have handled the situation.  They asked for a photo, which I provided, showing the colour difference and offered a choice of refund or partial refund with me keeping the wrap.  I have seen some bad reviews regarding refunds so I hope the company wont let me down.  Leeds - United Kingdom

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    Buyer Beware!!  Receiving my dress, I noticed that the lace was poor quality and was pilling. After several emails JJ's House finally agreed to a refund. However, because I had given a poor review on their quality, they would not grant an immediate refund (vs 3-4 weeks when the product was received back to China) unless I removed the poor reviews. They also denied I was a customer when I first attempted to write a review. I just received confirmation of my refund and am now able to share the truth. The quality of the product is poor. If you must return it after their "7-day" policy, be prepared to spend a week in email negotiations and pay a lot of money for postage. Would never recommend this vendor.

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    I am so glad that I've found this post, I was very seriously considering getting my bridesmaids dresses from them, but will definitely just stick to high street dresses, as least if they don't fit properly, I can take them back and get a refund without any hassle 

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    I didn't order bridesmaid dresses but I did order little bits.. Corsages etc - they came within the time frame and were in very good condition.

    I possible wouldn't  risk buying dresses etc from there (even though they look lovely) just in case.

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    im always shocked by the bad reviews, I have a dress for pre-wedding events that I ordered from JJs house (a blue disney princess style dress) and its WONDERFUL quality, better than some stuff ive seen in bridal shops for more than quadruple the price

    it is a little long but it wasnt custom made for me so that can be expected and im glad its long as im tall and stuff is usually too short, the actual size well im a size 10-12 hourglass shape and it fit perfectly



    ! I ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from JJ’s. I chose the custom fit as my waist is 5 times smaller than my chest and am unable to wear a dress of the rack. I had gone to a dress shop and had my measurements taken but before ordering i checked their site and took my measurements per their instructions. I received the dress and the chest is 6 I ches smaller than the measurements I sent in. I immediately reached out to the company and attached photos showing it won’t zip. Their response was that not all dresses fit all body types and they sent me a photo that supposidely showed my dress top with a measuring tape. There’s two issues with that. One is their own photo o oh neasured at 46 inches not 48 inches as ordered and the start of the measuring tape was completely covered my a hand and you could tell that the measuring tape was folded over and a hand was placed over it. They offered me a 10% refund or a 20% coupon. What good does either do me? I can’t wear this dress to my wedding which is a month away. I am still arguing with them and attempting to return the bridesmaid dresses as well which weren’t custom fit just a generic size. I waisted A LOT of money and have nothing to show for it. Spend a little extra and get a dress that fits from a company that stands behind their product.

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    If I could give zero stars, I would. That is how I can summarise my experience with Jjshouse.”

    The design of the dress is very nice and I was very exited when I finally, despite express delivery, received it after a delay. Unfortunately, the huge smile on my face disappeared almost immediately after I have opened the box. I have ordered my dress in a standard size 40 and in white. The fit was ok, but the colour was definitely not white, as you can see on the attached pictures. Instead of pure white I have received a wired blue-ish/ white-ish/ grey-ish combo. Not only the chiffon was in that colour, but also the lace looked like it is either old or somebody really mixed up my order. 

    Also some aspects of tailoring/ finishing were not done properly. The fabrics in the cleavage area were not properly fixed but only pinned in few places. To top that the fabric (chiffon) was cut unevenly. Basically the middle part of the front of the dress was resting on the floor, while other parts were few cementers above the ground. If it would be a dress for a lady who expects a baby, perhaps that would help to hide a baby-bump, however, this dress was not advertised as a dress for pregnant women, thus, I do not understand this "design".

    The cherry on the top of my experience was a return policy, or rather lack of it. After I have contacted the customer service and voiced my concerns, I was suggested to take it to the tailor to fix the issues. (I wonder, how a tailor can magically change the colour of the dress, without changing a whole fabric. According to Jjshouse, apparently it can be done.) Jjshouse offered be a voucher of 30-40% towards my next purchase and insisted that I keep the dress. They have insisted that the dress passed a thorough quality control with flying colours and that a visit to a local seamstress will solve all of my problems. My email exchange with the Jjshouse customer services still continues, but I am afraid that I will not see my money back, despite adverited official return policy. 

    All in all I feel cheated and disappointed. For all of the ladies, who received dresses from JJshouse according to their order I say, you were very lucky and hope you will enjoy your wedding. For the ladies, who are still looking for the perfect dress, look somewhere else. Ordering a dress with Jjshouse is like a Russian roulette, you either hit or miss.




    After over two months of mailing with JJsHouse they refuse a full refund, unless I will remove my comment about my experience with JJsHouse. If you order from them, be prepared to deal with the same problem. They untrustworthy and based on extortion. 

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    Oh dear! I was going to order flower girl dresses from here but will steer clear thank you everyone for your honest reviews 

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    imageThis is my dress from jj house. I have to say I had to alter the sleeves but it still worked out very cheap. Tried similar dresses in a London boutique but found quality the same, so didn't see the point in spending almost a 1000 pounds. By the way this was their standard size 10, I thought it fit perfectly (apart from the sleeves ). I also got my own belt. Don't forget to read reviews and ideally look at photos of real brides in the dress you want to buy before committing.


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