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Is there an Aire Barcelona Stockist in the UK....


Does anyone know of a stockist for Aire Barcelona in the UK?

Any help is appreciated image


  • Charl93Charl93 Posts: 42

    Oh no!! Their dresses are lovely, I can't believe there wouldn't be a stockist throughout the UK :/ Hope you find the dress you want!! image 

  • Charl93Charl93 Posts: 42

    Thank you, I'm glad you've found your dress!!

    Yes I've seen some by Pronovias and San Patrick which are lovely but there was just this one from Aire Barcelona which I really like so waned to know if anywhere stocked it because I couldn't find a stockist anywhere...

    I'm based in Staffordshire so a good way from there but thank you, I may contact them to see if they can give me any info image

    Thank you!!

  • Charl93Charl93 Posts: 42

    Okay then, thank you for your help image

  • Sasha0808Sasha0808 Posts: 1

    Hi Charl93! I have the same problem as you! Have you found any stockist in the UK? I can't see any replies to your messages for some reason... 

  • Charl93Charl93 Posts: 42


    No I never found one, sorry...

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