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Did anyone else not have an immediate it's 'the one' feeling

I picked my wedding dress yesterday and already I'm worrying about it. Everyone I spoke to said 'you'll just know when you try on the one' but I didn't feel like that. I loved how it looked but i had to try it on a couple of times before i finally commited and now I'm sick with nerves that I may have picked the wrong dress because i didnt have that 'its the one' moment. I tried on around 30 dresses and the one I picked was one of the last so I was Definetely suffering wedding dress overload by then but I feel like I've been robbed of that moment. I just wondered if anyone else felt like this??


  • J H-OJ H-O Posts: 148
    Absolutely Sunshine.

    I tried on millions & liked about 3 but didn't get a rush of emotion or whatever the magazines say you should have for any of them.

    I did however see someone else (wedding show at the NEC) in a dress that thought it was stunning - and realised it was virtually identical to the one I thought I was going to buy.

    I got really really upset several times after i ordered it saying it was too plain & I'd made a mistake (etta by charlotte Balbier) but I was just worrying what other people would expect, not thinking about what I like & would be happy in.

    The happy ending is that I felt 100 times better after my hair trial, as I could then visualise it all together & it all worked & looked like me, but on a good day image

    Also remember your dress will be much cleaner & crisper than the shop one which makes it look even more gorgeous xx

    Ignore the nutters who say 'it's all about the dress!!' -it's about you & your husband, and that's what makes every bride so special & beautiful, not the frock xxx
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    I didn;t feel it. I bcame a bit detached from the dresses after a while and after trying on so many stunning dresses, but never getting 'the one' feeling, I just stopped waiting and picked a dress I loved!

    When I put 'my' dress on and walked out of the changing room, I went by the reaction it got. There were other ladies in the shop and all of them stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I got a few 'oh's' and 'ah's' and sobs from my family too. So that was it!

  • TishaTisha Posts: 92

    I didn't get it either and I'm still worried about that. I tried on about 60 dresses in total and ended up picking one that I'd had ordered in because I didn't get 'the feeling' with the other 60 and I'd seen this one online. My Mum and Aunty came to the shop to see it and when we left the shop both of them said they thought it was 'the one' so I went back in and ordered it. I've been worrying about it ever since! I think I just need to try it on again with my headpiece and veil etc and hopefully I'll see that it is in fact 'the one' and I've been silly to worry over it for so long!

    I've got the 'the one' feeling about h2b though, and that's what really matters in the end isn't it?

  • Aw thank goodness it's not just me! Thank you ladies I feel so much better. I was starting to think I was emotionally stunted or something. I had a similar experience Amy Lou but the opposite way. When I first came out in my dress my mum, moh etc loved it but I heard another lady in the shop who I didn't know make a comment to her daughter that she thought it was 'too much' and I think that put me off x x
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    @ Tisha- That last sentence was too cute

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    @Littlemisssunshine- ACK, screw her! I hate people sometimes, either learn to whisper of shut your mouth. Everyone has different opinions on dresses, that's why there are so many different types! You never know, she may have been trying to get her daughter to buy a terribly plain dress that you would have thought was 'too little' each to their own and I'm sure your dress is wonderful!

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647
    I didnt exactly feel like it either. My dress was the fourth/fifth one I tried on but the first one in the second shop I went in. Before I looked in mirror I looked down and thought "ooo this is really nice" then saw myself in the mirror and fell in lust straight away. I wouldn't say that I had the "omg THIS IS IT!" Thoughts in my head but I definitely liked it straight away whereas with all the others as I didn't feel anything. I did try others after it and they didnt match up either. I think the problem is that we put too much pressure on ourselves with "the one" stereotype and get carried away and forget first impressions
  • I agree re. Pressure to find 'the one' or as I have been talking about it 'that crying moment'. I don't know where that came from, probably Hollywood films, because once upon a time not so long ago brides didn't get a lot of choice.

    I wrote about my experience on another thread here somewhere recently - something like 'magazine q&a how did you find your dress?'. There's some stories on there of thunderbolt 'this is the one' moments,but others not like that too. Don't feel cheated - everyone is different!

    In the end I was so pleased I didn't have that dramatic emotional moment as I'd more than likely be doubting myself now and thinking 'did i just get carried away in the moment?'. What i did have was a feeling I didn't want to take my dress off and that i can't wait to put it on again, but the latter feeling built up over weeks after the try-on rather than immediately.

    Not sure where that woman and people like her get off sharing their un-asked-for thoughts on people they don't know. Anyone like that can almost always be ignored in my experience. Probably because she likes the sound of her own voice or like amylou says was trying to push her daughter in one direction.

    So don't worry - when you get back in there with your dress on, not the shop sample, with your veil or accesories on you'll feel a whole new excitement.

    And brought a tear to my eye here with that last comment. Think we sometimes forget that don't we!

  • I definately didn't get the OMG it's the one feeling when i choose my dress last year. It was a toss up between 2 dresses and i picked the one i felt suited me more. I did really like the dress and i thought it was the best one of all i had tried on, but with it being 3 sizes too big for me and having messy hair and the shops shoes on i couldn't quite envision what it would look like. So i had months of wondering if i had made the right choice. But when i went for my first fitting for the dress in my size with all my accessories i knew this dress was the one i was supposed to get and i couldn't stop beaming.

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    I didnt' get it either!  I also went by the reaction of my family and the ladies in the shop.  My dress incorporated everything i liked in all the dresses i had tried on to date and fitted like a glove which helped too.  I've lost weight now so i'm worrying it won't have the same affect but hopefully they can make it fit in the right places again.

    When i was choosing, another bride had said she preferred a different dress i had tried on, yet my mum & sister both said that the one I chose was very 'me' and most flattering and the other bride was looking for a dress for herself.  Exactly the same as the lady that said yours was 'too much' she was looking for a dress for someone that probably wanted something plain.

  • MRMRS2014MRMRS2014 Posts: 1,279
    Hi I haven't ordered my dress yet but I know the one I am going to order. I have tried on around 40/50 dresses and didn't get ' this is the one' feeling with any of them but the one I'm going to order ( ella bridal 5628) is the best one I have tried on and I feel great In it, it's got everything I wanted and I am having a couple of things changed so it will technically be a one off. The more I think about it the more I am falling in love with it. I am a bit dissointed I didn't get the instant feeling but I have searched and searched on the Internet and nothing has come close. Also don't forget on the day you will have all your hair and makeup done and jewellery etc on which all completes the look and can make a dress look so different x

    Tisha I love that last sentence and it is so true, it doesn't really matter what you wear at the end of the day you are marrying the man (or woman) you love x
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