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What do you think of my wedding ring?

Hi everyone, i'm getting married in a few weeks and due to a lot of circumstances, I am not prepared at all image

The venue and reception had been booked months ago, so I cannot change the dates to give me more time, so I am having to panic buy everything.

I am now on a much smaller budget, but I have found the ring I want to buy, do you think i'm getting a good deal and do you actually like the ring?

This is the ring(s)

Also, the wedding dress I bought last year doesn't fit me anymore, it's much too small and I don't think it could be made bigger, now I have to find a very cheap dress. Do you think this would look tacky?

My wedding is quite a "informal" relaxed one, so I was hoping I might be able to get away with it?

Many Thanks for your help!


  • CeeeCeee Posts: 28

    I think the ring is quite pretty.

    If your wedding is quite informal and relax, this dress is totally fine. It's nice - I like simple dresses.

    No worries image

  • sam789sam789 Posts: 4

    Thank you image I'm just a bit worried that as it's not a "classic" style as such - I might get sick of it image I was originally getting a tiffanys ring but we can't afford it now.

    Ah, that makes me feel a lot better about the dress, I didn't want a big dress anyway, I just thought it might look a bit cheap, but hopefully i'll get away with it image

    Also, this is the hair accessory I bought months ago, do you think it'll still go?

    And this is the clutch i'm planning on getting for the evening:


  • I think the rings are quite traditional - a lot more so than I was expecting before I opened the link. They'll probably look even more so in real life as rose gold I think tends to look a bit more pink on a screen than in real life. They're lovely though! You might have a blessing in disguise there - I feel like you tend to pay a lot just for the name of Tiffany things.

    The dress is lovely too - I like simple dresses too. I feel like I might have seen it on a wedding blog of 'high street' wedding dresses somewhere? (i say that as a good thing). I'd only say order it in asap as Very dresses i've ordered in the past have sometimes been quite different from the website photos (that could be because I really don't look like that model though!). I think it would look more weddingy if you were shorter than the model (or didn't wear such high heels) then it could come down lower?

    If you're on a strict budget do you really need an evening clutch? As the bride I won't be carrying any money and was going to ask my BM's to carry a lipstick or two for meimage

    Hope that helps - sometimes we make the best decisions when we only have a short time for them! image x

  • I want to say a word about your dress - it's amazingly elegant! Excellent choice!

    And as for ring, do you know how to buy diamonds cheaply? For the same price you  can buy a ring with diamond.

  • SilvereyeSilvereye Posts: 288
    LOVE the dress! Doesn't look cheap in the picture at all, but looks simple, elegant and very very pretty! You'll look gorgeous!

    Te ring is lovely too. I have to agree with Sarloussomethingblue, I think you pay for the name 'Tiffany' when no-one would know it was a Tiffany ring anyway.

    I'm sure it'll all come together! Good luck!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I love the rings and dress! Agree you should try and get one that fits you so that it is floor length (if thats what you want!)

    Only word of caution would be about buying jewelry on ebay - make sure the seller accepts refunds if you dont like it!

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    this might sound off but dont worry too much about the ring, i know people like to say you only have two things after the day the photographer and the ring so get those right but its nonesense, you have the marriage, the ring is just a bit of metal and if you gow out of it you really can get a new bit of metal (my mums on her 4th-she looses them, same husband still happilly married for 36 years this summer)


    the dress is lovely, and everyone will tell you so im sure. tick things off that list and know youre marrying the man of your dreams


    i wouldnt bother with an evening cluth either... ill have a husband by then to carry around all my junkimage

  • sam789sam789 Posts: 4

    Thanks SO much everyone, I feel a lot better now! I've ordered the ring, but I can return it if I don't like it, i'm going to try and get it valued before the wedding, so if i'm being ripped off, I can return it (I know absolutely nothing about diamonds, jewellery etc!) I just loved the style and colour, I haven't found anything like this in any high street jewellers so thought it was quite unique and pretty!

    I am very short - 5"0, so my reasoning for this dress was actually like you guys suggested, so it'd hit the floor, so I wouldnt have to get alterations as I really don't have the time or money for dress fittings now.

    I'm a bit unsure about the beaded panel on the dress, but I suppose I really can't be too fussy now! but I might try and find a cheap satin belt or something on ebay to cover it, if I really hate it! My original dress is actually quite a similar shape and suited me as I really can't pull off a big meringue dress as this height (as much as I'd love to)

    Think I just need to find shoes now, unfortuabtly I can't afford the louboutins I was originally planning on, maybe i'll get some from dune or somewhere like that image xx

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