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I'm having 4 bridesmaids, all very different ladies! They are different ethnicities, shapes and sizes. I've been playing around with the idea of giving them a set colour scheme (purple) and letting them choose their own dress within a certain budget.

If I stick to my bridemaids being different shades of purple, and various styles of a dress - is that going to look odd?! I haven't ever been to a wedding where they've done this and I don't want them to not look "bridesmaidy" if that makes any sense...


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    I think that will look fab!  My 4 bridesmaids all wore different dresses; they were in the same fabric and colour but I have seen pics of other weddings where the BM dresses were different shades too. Do a search on google images- you should find lots of inspiration image

  • I think it looks gorgeous . Ive got my 4 bms the M&S version of th twist and wrap dress . I want them all to wear it a different way 

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    Mine will all be in Twist and Wrap dreses from In One clothing, so that they can style the dress to suit them best - they will be more comfortable, and they will all look lovely. It should be co-ordinated but individual.

    And I loved JodieLou's idea of having her girls in different dresses but the same fabric and colour. Alfred Sung/Dessy are great for that - and to be honest, if I'd thought of that before I bought mine, I think I probably would have done the same thing!

    For shoes, I did exactly what you suggested though - gave them a maximum budget, and told them that as long as they were a reasonably bright pink and looked 'wedding suitable' to buy what they wanted. It's worked really well, and has saved me not just time and stress but also a small a fortune - they have all come in massively under budget!

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    Hi Ruby,

    I plan on having my bridesmaids all in different shades of purple and different styles of dresses, so long as they fit in with my colour scheme I don't mind what the dresses are like and want each one of them to feel comfortable and have the option of wearing the dress again


    have a look at the last pic

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    I too am having purpley bridesmaids, and having told them all they can choose their own dresses, it seems as we will be having 3 different purples. Not to mention my niece who is going to wear a bright pink dress as " princesses don't wear purple apparently"!. My future sister in law has chosen a gorgeous plum dress, and my niece to be has chosen a lighter purple which she looked incredibly beautiful in! Its not quite what I wanted, but actually it looks nice, and the girls are happy!

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    My bridesmaid were different ages with different tastes - we loosely wanted sage green, but weren't too fussy - the older one had a short coast dress in a floaty chiffon material, and the younger had a BhS dress in sage green satin.  I thought they looked lovely - but themain thing is they were both happy. x

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    Hi, I think it looks lovely  when the bridesmaids are in different dresses. Our three young daughters are our bridesmaids, they are 13,11 & 8. We chose Dessy so they can have the same colour and fabric. We just thought that they are all individual and have different personalities so I picked the colour (orchid) and let them pick their dresses x

  • I think realistically my girls will be in different dresses. I love the Dessy dresses and we have an appointment to go try them in August at a local shop. My BM's are all completely different shape and size. I have a short mediumslim, a medium slim a tall very athletic and a tall very big boobed! I want them all to look nice and feel confident. I also want their dresses to compliment mine and vice versa, so I have decided that strapless ill probably be a no go!

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