Do I need a hoop?

Hi again,

Just looking for your opinions. I've collected my dress and taken it to the alterations lady now who is doing a few bits to it. However, I assumed it would need shortening as it's quite long but the lady suggested wearing a hoop.

I'd not really considered one and  going to borrow my sister's to see what if looks like but from looking at the model in the dress, do you think she's wearing one and it needs one?

This is the link: 



  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    From looking at the picture I would probably guess that she is wearing a hoop.  Hoops aren't just there for 'bulking' out a dress, they are a great way of keeping all the netting underneath your dress away from your legs so that you can move easily without the risk of tripping up.  It also allows a bit of air to get to your legs so that you don't heat up as much.  I am wearing a hoop just for this purpose.  I have tried my dress on with and without the hoop and it is much easier to walk in with a hoop x

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Mine is a similar, bigish tulle dress and i am wearing a small hoop to keep the dress away from my legs and make it easier to walk. Also flares it out a bit at the bottom which i like the look of! Got a bargain one of ebay for £20!

  • Lisa - brideLisa - bride Posts: 377

    I'm the same. My dress doesn't really need a hoop and looks fine without, but I just know I'll over heat like crazy without one. Plus dancing with one is so much easier!!

  • Thanks Ruby Ring! 

    I hadn't thought about the air around the legs thing but that makes sense. I just worried that I might look a bit like one of the 'gypsy wedding' brides with one but perhaps not. image x

  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    If you are worried about looking a bit gypsy brideish, your seamstress can always remove a layer of the tulle from underneath your dress and then the dress will look exactly the same as it did once the hoop is under it, that is what we have done with my dress so it doesn't look too bulky.  My bridal shop has been kind enough to just lend me the hoop for the day (no charge!) just as long as I bring it back in one piece (which I fully intend on doing).

  • Right, I've now been sold on the idea of a hoop but am now wondering how many hoops I need? The one I could borrow has just one hoop towards the bottom...x

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