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Wedding ring nightmare!

I've had loads of trouble with H. Samuel! I have my heart set on a wedding ring with heart shaped diamonds. I found one on Etsy but was really unsure about getting it because I googled the seller and read some bad things about his rings so I searched everywhere for a similar one and found one in H. Samuel. It was out of stock in my local store but they said they would get it from another one and call me back the next day. They didn't call me so I went back in a couple of weeks later and complained and got promised a call back again but got no call. I just spoke to someone on their online live chat and got told that the ring is completely sold out and is now discontinued image


Does anyone know anywhere else I can get a heart ring similar to this one?


I have my heart set on a ring with hearts on now!


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Oooh, it's lovely, you must be gutted.  I have heard of loads of women getting theirs made. I know that Hatton garden jewellers do this a lot of the time, as well as companies like The Perfect Ring Company.  I'm not sure how recommended they are though.  A few of my friends have had theirs done in the diamond centre of wales, and have been extremely pleased with the quality and value.  I emailed them a picture for a quote and they came back to me really quickly (I ended up changing my mind on the ring and went elsewhere but this is no reflection on them).  I know it may be a way out of your way, but I'm not sure that you would even need to go there, you could liase with them via phone / email then post.

    Good luck in trying to get it sorted xx

  • Thanks Grace, I forgot to say that my budget is only about £200!


    I'll check out those companys, I don't mind if I have to travel a little bit.


    I'm going to two wedding fayres on Sunday so hopefully there will be lots of jewellers at them who can help me!

  • You could take the picture to an independant jeweller and ask to make it.

  • Yeah, that's what I'm considering. I'm not sure if it'll be in my price range though. There's bound to be some independent jewellers at one of the wedding fayres so I'll take a picture of it on my phone.

  • Hi Wifey, I'm in Bristol

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    I'm sure an independent jeweller or somewhere like the diamond centre would be able to work with your budget.  Even if it means having the diamonds slightly smaller, they are bound to be able to do something image

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I've gone with Goldfinger Ringmakers.  They custom make all their rings and visit your home with a selection to try on (a huge selection).  I was recommended them by 2 girls at work who used them last year and am so happy with the service and price.  They are much more reasonable than any other place we looked at, inlcuding Goldsmiths, Ernest Jones, Taylor & Co, Birmingham Jewelery Quarter, the place in Guernsey that made my ER...the list goes on.

  • Wow, thanks Cookiemonster. That is pretty much identical! I didn't even think of looking on Amazon!

  • Wow, that's even cheaper! Thanks. You are all so helpful, and much better at me at tracking down rings! image

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Sorry I don't have any surgestions for you but so glad to see you've got a few alternatives starting to come through! Fingers crossed you get your dream wedding ring sorted soon!

    Good Luck!! xx

  • JbeeJbee Posts: 60

    Try hatton garden in London!  It is a London jewellery quarter and probably H.sameul got theirs from there. 

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