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Found the most amazing dress today but over budget!!!!

I found the most amazing Mori Lee dress today which fitted perfectly apart from the length.  The problem is it is over budget by 25%.  Is it worth asking if I can buy at a discount the sample dress even though it is a current design


  • wilson2bwilson2b Posts: 272

    why not ask? They can always say no. 

  • DpDp Posts: 92

    Which mori lee dress is it? When you getting married?

  • Jo Jo3Jo Jo3 Posts: 103

    Mori Lee 3133 and we are getting married 19th July 2014.  So excited x


  • DpDp Posts: 92

    Bet u cant wait! neither can i! If it had of been 1807 would of sold you mine im getting married in march

  • MissL2MissL2 Posts: 49

    My dress was also over budget and when i said i couldnt decide between 2 (one was £500 cheaper) the shop said they couldnt match it but took £300 off it on the spot and i brought it!! I decided that i would borrow a veil and tiara to save money on accessories to have the dress of my dreams!!

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    hi i googled your dress and its under £600 on new york dress. com so if you know your size maby get it from there its lovley good luck image

  • Mrs S 2BMrs S 2B Posts: 366 New bride

    My dress was over budget too but I'm borrowing my mums veil and I just bought cheap shoes so I don't feel so bad about it. if its the perfect dress its worth it but phone round different stockists because there were £300 of difference in prices and I was able to negotiate free alterations too so you might save there too

  • MissVMrsBMissVMrsB Posts: 147
    My dress was flipping heaps over budget but when I said that, they knocked ??300 off the cost and then I've made savings on my veil, shoes, jewellery etc. was worth it! See if they'll take a bit off for you? No harm asking!x
  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Could you not ring around diff shops and ask if they have it and see if you can haggle price down somewhere or get a sample dress from a diff shop? 

  • MissL2MissL2 Posts: 49

    MissVMrsB this is pretty much exactly what happened to me!! Also made savings on jewellery there is definatly room for negotiation in bridal shops dont be afraidimage I would rather beg borrow steal everything else but the dress was important to me!

  • Mine is a Mori Lee 1901 and was over budget but the shop sold me the sample and knocked £250 off it with free alterations. Still over budget but was happy to find the extra I needed as I love it image 

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