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If you are thinking of purchasing your gown from White Orchid, Please think again. Yes they are lovely when your choosing your gown but once they have your money, things start to go down hill. They will probably get your order wrong, sizing wrong and overall not seem to be bothered about your feelings!! They are a nightmare to get hold of, never call back & the owner has a bad attitude when After several mistakes all one after the other with my order of a wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses & flower girls dresses the owner's reply was "Why should we do any more to rectify the most recent mistakes as we are in your bad books already" The poor seamstress that is self employed with them has to take all the rubbish as the "Store Manager" cant measure people correctly. There are so many other wedding shops in Swansea that you can purchase beautiful dresses from but avoid White Orchid!


  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    Can you demand a refund? 

  • The owner sounds 'delightful'!! Xx

  • Omg!! What a cheek! 

    I'd heard that they ask for payment up front! Shocking! 

    Sorry you had such a bad experience. Did they sort it for you eventually? Xx

  • I have just purchesed a dress for my daughter and the staff could not have been more helpful.  I have heard from a friend that the person who is making these accusations brought it all on herself

    Agian I say that they are wonderful there and would recomend them to everyone

  • Suzanna3Suzanna3 Posts: 1

    I bought my wedding dress from White Orchid in Swansea and had excellent service. The staff were brilliant. Very helpful. The seamstress who took my dress up was amazing. Showed me how to walk in the dress and gave good hints and tips. 

    I don't ever plan on getting married again but if I did I would be straight back to White Orchid for my dress. 

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Could we have a review from someone who hasn't just created a profile just to go on about how great this place is? image


  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    Lol I agree Julybug does seem just a bit convenient that their first posts are gushing recommendations!! can't comment myself but don't think I'd go there by choice!!

  • GinosaurusGinosaurus Posts: 55

    AND suddenly commenting on a post from 2013? Hmmm....

    I don't live in the area, so unlikely to be a customer, but when businesses act like this it is really off-putting. They must really doubt the intelligence of their customers to think they wouldn't see through a couple of 1 post positive reviewers....

  • HdelHdel Posts: 132
    lesley12 wrote (see)

    I have just purchesed a dress for my daughter and the staff could not have been more helpful.  I have heard from a friend that the person who is making these accusations brought it all on herself

    Agian I say that they are wonderful there and would recomend them to everyone




    What tosh!! As if the "friend" they refer to would be talking about one dissatisfied customer's review TWO years later.

    And if it was a genuine post (clearly isn't) it would still be shockingly unprofessional to be gossiping about your customers with other customers and saying things like "she brought it on herself" whatever the circumstances.

    I've heard a few bridal shops are like this once you place your order - disappointing! I do know people in Swansea and will bear this in mind. 

    As an aside please remember ladies that the Sale of Goods Act protects consumers from being sold anything that is not as described, fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality...the law also says all services  (such as alterations) must be carried out with the care and skill of a competent professional. Most of us pay a lot for our gowns which means we can expect a high standard of quality from the dress and any alterations. Failure to comply with this can entitle you to a replacement or a refund,  regardless of a shop's T&Cs. Hopefully you don't find yourself needing it, but if things do go wrong and the shop won't fix the problem, get advice about your rights and don't let it go! Your wedding insurance may cover it or if you have paid even partly with a credit card you may be able to recover money through the cc company. 


    Sorry to get all Martin Lewis on you, just hate people being taken advantage of image


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Totally agree with you, Hdel! I'm getting really annoyed with all of these fake accounts that keep popping up to try discredit negative reviews. Focus on giving the best customer service and you'll have people willing to give you positive reviews. Wasting your time creating fake profiles is a surefire way to alienate your entire potential customer base.

    Also getting annoyed with all the accounts dedicated to posting and re-posting "My friend used x planner or y venue and they were amazing, check out the link!" these businesses think we're completely stupid?

  • Hannah142Hannah142 Posts: 1

    To be fair I've had bridesmaid dresses here for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in and I returned and bought my dress. Haven't had a problem they don't answer the phones but their busy with clients. 

    People are to quick to moan 

  • I came across this review whilst searching for the number for white orchid on Google. 

    I have got my wedding dress from white orchid and suits from crush menswear. The owners were fab! The service was fantastic there was no pressure to buy and they really listend to what I was looking for. They were fab even when my son was causing havoc whilst my partner was trying suits on. You certainly don't pay upfront and every staff member I have come into contact with has been polite and friendly. I would definely recommend to others!!! 

  • Mrs_SMrs_S Posts: 2

    My intention of writing this review back in 2013 was clearly to share my experience of white orchid Swansea with other people. This is the reason for a review. 

    White Orchid measured one of my bridesmaids incorrectly which resulted in the wrong size dress being ordered for her which was very embarrassing for me and my niece to be - how could I have brought this on myself 'lesley12'?? 

    I found them to be unsympathetic & incapabale at times. 

    'Lesley12' is obviously a made up account trying to make people think differently nearly 3 years on! The shop has obviously found out that when you type white orchid Swansea in to google this is one of the top search results. The clearly do not have their wits about them as now they are admitting discussing customers business being their backs  

    I would have loved to have written a good review and had less stress towards the build up to my big day but unfortunatly those were not the circumstances. 

    White Orchid made a catalogue of errors on my order which totalled over £4000. 

    Weddings are expensive and if I can help anyone out in not wasting their money here I will. 


  • I purchased my dress from here. I had a great service on my first visit (I guess they wanted a sale). This did not last tho. Every time I went there I felt rushed and uncomfortable. The last fitting I had taken my bridal party. My sister was home from oz so it was a special time. They were shouted at and told to sit in a room and curtains pulled around them. That day my hook and eye broke. They said they would fix it however they did not fix it properly. No replacement hook and eye just a tack of Cotten to hold it in place. When I picked up my dress it hadn’t been steamed correctly. It was creased and my vail didn’t look like it had been done at all. On closer inspection marks were noted on the vail but it was the day before my wedding so nothing I could do about it. Then on my wedding day the hook and eye broke 10min into having the dress on it broke. This continues through out the day. I have pictures and proof that it happened. However White Orchid Bridal have continued to say that this couldn’t of happened and made out as if I have made it up. Even now after sending them photos of the dress they have continued to ignore me. Please don’t use this company they should be ashamed ruining my big day.

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