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Would you use a stylist to hunt down your perfect accessory ? ?

I hope no one minds me asking but i am after a bit of advice - (mods this is not a service i offer, just doing a bit of research)

I am setting up a Wedding planning service and wondered about adding additional services. I know in the run up to my big day i had so much conflicting advice on my actual dress , veils, headdresses, Jewellery and all sorts of accessories that are now available - i seemed to love it all and found it very difficult making my mind up which dress/pieces were the right ones for me. I found cerain bridal boutiques were obviously out for the sale, then bridesmaids often went with what they would like to wear, items that they like not always what i would like. It was a minefield.

Can i ask if any of you would use the following services -

1) a dress finding service.
I would narrow down your search so that you still get that 'finding your perfect dress' experience but i would make the endless phone calls to stockists and hunt for the styles you are after. You would still have the same experience of going along to the shops but I could tell you which shops and make appointments for you.

2)a stylist service
I would hunt out the perfect headdress, hairpiece, tiara, veil, what ever you were after really. I could come to your home with the items to try them all on together with the dress.

As i know wedding budgets are tight i would try to keep my fees down so if you could include how much you would pay for each service that would be really helpful.

Thanks and good luck with your weddings : )

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