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Blue by Enzoani, Dabra dress - alterations?

Hey image

How's everyone's planning going?

I recently bought my wedding dress and I'm in love with it. Blue by Enzoani Dabra! 

I wondered whether anyone else has this dress and what alterations people have had? I'm strting to wonder of the train might be too long now, and considering shortening it slightly. Anyone else done the same? and how much might this cost?

I'd love to see your dabra pictures! image


  • Im getting my dabra altered tomorrow and am definately going to do something with the train, I feel it just looks messy, did you do anything to yours in the end?

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    I've decided to have it removed but won't be for a while! I think it looks lovely without: 

    But won't be going for another few months for that. What do you think you will do with it? Let me know! X

  • Cant work out how to attach the pic but I ended up having 13 inches taken from the train and it made a huge difference. The train flowed beautifully behind me, it didn't end up a mess round my feet every time I turned round like it did before it was altered. It was still a medium sized train but manageable and made the dress look stunning,i ended up adoring this dress am gutted I cant wear it again.Make the most of your day its gone in a flash,good luck with your tain, id seriously advise you to do as I did and keep some of it.x

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  • BeckyPBeckyP Posts: 178

    Thank you for the reply! It is stunning on you and I love what you did with the train. image

    I think it definately looks better with a smaller train. I have a. Appointment to try on the dress again in a couple of weeks so I'll find out about alterations then. I can't wait.


  • Don't let them tell you it cant be done. My first seamstress said nobody could do it and if they did it would cost hundreds and would ruin the dress.

    I went to another seamtress who did it and all other alterations for £200. She advised me to take no more than 13 inches off as she thought it would ruin the dress,it wasn't an easy job to do but it was so worth doing.Let me know how you get onxx

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    Oh thanks, that's good advice! 

    I kind of assumed it wouldn't be too much of a problem as I've seen others with the train removed or shortened! I hope it won't be a problem anyway!


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