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Hi Ladies, or anyone out there who happens to read this. I was just wondering if anybody else has had the pleasure of wearing the Ronald Joyce Palma wedding dress? I have chosen as 'The dress' after trying it on back in November. It was one of the first dresses I saw in the shop that caught my eye and before then I hadn't even seen it on the internet, even after days and days of searching dream dresses! However now looking back, I think I did see it, but because the picture online does it no justice whatsoever, it actually to me looks completely different in person and when on. Whether because I am most likely a foot shorter than the model on website and the colour looks completely different, or just because I am imagining it to be different? Does that make sense? Anyway it was a massive hit with my Mum and Bridesmaids and all the staff in shop and my best mate was adamant that it was the one (Tears an all)

Anyway after a month or 2 of trying on others and still having this Palma dress on my mind, I have made the decision to order it after trying it on again. Now I know that I am happy with my choice and it is everything I imagined a wedding dress to be, but I was wondering if any one else has worn it and happen to have photos of their wedding day in it? I just want to see how long it is at the back and just for curiosity really. I remember that on the website it looks quite a short train, but on me it was definitely much fuller and far longer on the train. I am also wondering what veil to go for with it. In the shop I tried on a cathedral veil, which was beautiful, but just want opinions really.

Any help or photos would be greatly appreciated image



  • SofiaF82SofiaF82 Posts: 177

    I've not bought this dress- or any yet infact- but I googled it and its amazing! I can see why you chose it.

    There's a few real bride photos on Google image search so you'll be able to see some on there.

  • Hi SofiaF82, 

    Thanks for reply. It is a gorgeous dress, but I really don't think the photo does it justice, The colour on it in person is so luxurious and the buttons and detail on it sparkles. I think I am just getting impatient waiting for it to come in and as I only have the model photo to go by, I am slowly forgetting what it was like on. I am only 5'1 and a bit, so I am sure that the train is going to be far longer on me than on the model, but I just cant remember, haha. 

    It only took me 3 bridal shop visits over 2 months to make my decision, the Palma dress was only 3rd one I actually tried on though and I kept telling myself that I needed to try more on to be sure, but I think when you know, you know, and every other dress I tried after that was compared to Palma. It is surprising how many lace dresses are out there. I thought I would love a lace one, but as gorgeous as they were, just didn't look right on me. 

    Be prepared to be overwhelmed with all the lovely dresses out there....sadly they all start to look the same after a while, haha!


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    Hi I've just came across this thread when I've been looking up the ronald joyce palma dress, I have the same problem! Ordered this dress for my wedding this year in august but I can't seem to find any other pictures of it, I knew when I tried it on it was the one, very same thing mother bridesmaid in tears, tried on other dresses but it didn't make me feel the way I felt when this dress was on, do you have any pictures of the dress? I'm hoping I'm still going to love the dress when it arrives but only got the picture from online to go by and it really doesn't give it justice or look the same, 


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