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I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for wedding dress shops in Liverpool/Wirral area. I am getting married at Thornton Hall in 10 months and I have no idea where to start!!! -Not even looked at dresses yet, but I'm now starting to panick a little as some of my friends say I am leaving it a little late. Any help would be much appreciated. 





  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199


    i went shopping on a Sunday in Liverpool and most shops were closed but the ones that were open were not great. Service was very poor. Also looked in Chester and found that Aristocrats and Ivory lounge were helpful but berketex depended on who you spoke to. One lady was fantastic but the other was quite pushy. 

    I bought my dress from Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique in frodsham and would definitely recommend it. i felt very comfortable and relaxed (as relaxed as I could be  wedding dress shopping!)during the appointment and found the perfect dress. 

    Good luck and enjoy shopping! Xx

  • I bought my dress from a website:

    The dress was 90% as the picture which was good for me, they use beautiful crystals to do the decorations and not cheap sequin. The size was good.

    A friend recommended me that website that has been opened by one of his Swiss friends living in China. 

    I contacted the website by email the first time and they were very nice and helpful. They always answered me in a maximum of 48 hours. The website is quite recent so the owner takes care of the customers directly, which was quite convenient as his English and French were perfect.

    The prices are good not as cheap as you can find on some websites like JJ's house but the quality coming from is better too so I don’t really mind an extra 100 USD if it means the dress will be nice looking.

    I strongly recommend this website to buy an evening or wedding dress, the fact that it is managed by a western person that understands our worries and questions makes it much easier. 

    I think that not all wedding dresses coming from china are bad quality, because most of the dresses sold in shop locally (in western countries) have been produced in china (Vera Wang Dresses for example are produced in Suzhou). I think the real challenge is finding a company you can trust to do the basic quality check before shipping the dress. I must say it did help my trust that I knew someone who knew the owner personally and could assure me they worked professionally.

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    The Wedding House in Liverpool is a nice shop lovely range of designer dressers and very helpful staff x

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    Bellissima Brides in Brimstage, on the Wirral. Don't bother going anywhere else, they're fantastic. I bought my bridesmaids dresses and all my accessories from there - bought my dress from another shop before I found Bellissima and wish I'd bought it from them. The girls who run it are so lovely and the shop is in a really lovely old hall. I honestly can't recommend them highly enough x 

  • I'll take a look at both places thanks. Need to get a move on I think, only 10 months to go and the only thing I have done is book my photographer! x

  • Have you tried Opulence in West Kirby they have a lovely range


  • I'm hoping to go there for my bridesmaid dresses. I've actually ordered my wedding dress now, I needed a shop that was ground level as my mum was with me an in a wheelchair. I have heard great things about Opulence. Not sure how early I would need to get the bridesmaid dresses though? I get married in April. Do they normally take a lot less time to come in than wedding dresses? 


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