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wearing to get ready


What is everyone wearing to get ready in? i was thinking a button through top and shorts but i cannot find any button through tops that look nice, i think the photographer may come into the room whilst I'm getting ready so it needs to be something that looks nice. x


  • I have a few pinterest pics with ideas on for this!!!






     Love the ideas of pretty tops in the same as your colour scheme!

  • VictoriaLouiseBVictoriaLouiseB Posts: 2,951 New bride

    I made vest tops with our names/roles on on diamantes, they were really easy to make I bought the vest tops from primark in the nightwear department, they had a couple of little buttons at the top but they were stretchy enough that we could slip them down rather than take them off over our heads. It cost about £3-£4 per top including the price of the top to make them which i thought was quite cheap considering some places charge a fortune to make them for you

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Thanks, i don't really want anything printed on them as it will only be me and my daughter, i might go and have a look in primark then. x

  • I've just got me and my girls some white night shirts from Matalan, only £12 and got some cheap diamante transfers for the back and an initial for the front pocket. they look great

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