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Where can I sell my unworn unaltered temperley dress??

Hi everyone,

I bought a wedding dress from Temperley about a month into planning my wedding without thinking about the type of wedding it will be etc and now I have changed my mind! It is beautiful silk and lace but it doesn't fit with our venue and with my fiance's army uniform and I have seen one that seems to be a better match for our wedding!

I bought it in the sale and have only tried it on twice so it is perfect and unaltered and still has the tags and the packaging but I know that I will probably lose money on it even though its perfect!

Does anyone have any good ideas about where I can sell it? I've listed it on ebay, gumtree and preloved today but I wondered if anyone knew of any shops that sell sold but unworn dresses like mine!

Would be grateful for any tips!



  • ElizabElizab Posts: 64

    How long has it been since you bought it? You could tell a teeny white lie and spin the shop you bought if from a sob story and see if they'll take it back? 

  • amy89amy89 Posts: 11

    I bought it two months ago so not long! They have a 14 day refund policy so I dont think they'll take it back now image might be worth a phone call though!

  • Take a picture of your dress and try to sell it in online stores where you will get the best price for that dress. The options for online stores can get you by Google search. 

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