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Finding 'the dress'

So I tried on my first wedding dresses today! Went to 2 shops, 2 very different experiences. First shop was with my dad & sis & I tried on about 7/8 dresses, basically worked on getting an idea of what I liked or didn't like. Nothing wowed me but a couple looked nice. Second shop was with some friends and they literally had me trying on every dress in the shop! I didn't mind because it gave me the chance to try more styles & decide what was good/not so good! There were 2 shop assistants in this shop so it was a quick turn around from one dress to the next but most of them I was quite quick to decide that it wasn't 'the one'. All together I got pics of 5 dresses today that at the time I felt were nice but not WOW. Both shops suggested looking online now I know a bit more about the styles I liked but I am feeling pretty overwhelmed image!! Got another appointment booked next Sat but am worrying I'm not going to find one that wows me...did other people have similar experiences?! image


  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402

    My dress initially didn't wow me, I knew I wasn't going to be a bursting into tears kinda girl anyway. I did find 3 dresses I liked in the first shop though and I LOVED the service and after shopping about a bit I realised I kept thinking about one of the dresses. I went back put it on and swished about without wanting to take it off so that was it, it was mine! But I am having it altered, I have rubbish skin on my upper arms and since it's a winter wedding I figured I would get the dress customised to suit the weather/my crappy skin sooo I'm getting an illusion neckline added with 3/4 length sleeves using the same lace as the dress and while I love the dress now I know I am going to freak out when I see everything done and it's so me!

    Oh and while I didn't cry my friends did haha, I think you will def find the dress, you might have already and if you don't maybe look at having one altered or made? Don't worry yet though, still early days! 


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I found mine in the 3rd shop I went to and it was the 16th dress I tried. I *thought* I'd found it in the first shop (I think it was number 9) but still kept my other appointments. I too felt unsure as what I thought I liked just didn't suit me so I had to go outside my comfort zone. My dress was given to me by the assistant to try; I dismissed it as I thought the skirt was too big but she told me to try it as I might be able to pull it off as I'm tall - I tried it and had the lightning bolt moment!

    You will find it - don't worry! 

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    Hi MrsBailey2be I had no real idea what sort of dress I wanted or would like, I just knew what I defo didn't want!! On my 1st dress shopping trip I tried about 4/5 styles in one shop. On my next trip I went to 3 shops and between them tried 22 dresses on!! By that point id tried on virtually all available styles and nothing had wowed me.

    I felt a little sad because I was worried I wasn't going to find anything I liked in my budget. I reviewed everything I'd tried on so far and thought back to one I'd tried on in the 1st shop. I went back and tried it on again and loved it!! I felt so pretty and gorgeous in it, plus it was fun swishing the skirt about image I think id didn't realise how much id liked it until id seen what else was out there.

    Dont panic, you will find something image

  • Thanks ladies, feeling a lot better about it today and actually really excited to try on more dresses image Started off yesterday a bit anxious about it all & by the end of the day a bit worried that nothing would wow me but now feel like I have a better idea of what I'd like, just a case of finding it! Still got a few months before I need to be worrying about ordering one (getting married next July) so I'll just enjoy trying on lots of pretty dresses until I find it image

  • Argh how much can change in a month lol! So been to another 4 shops now (6 in total!) tried on A LOT of dresses & feeling pretty deflated now. One shop the lady was brilliant but the dresses weren't quite right- one was close but I didn't like the detail and another gave me a new direction to look in but wasn't 'the one'. Found a similar one at another shop that was much better- keep thinking about it but can't stop thinking about the one from the other shop that I liked the style but not the detail! Been searching everywhere to find a plain version or one with different detail so I can either rule it out or know that it is the right one. Can't find one and now really torn about what to do...I could go for the one I saw last weekend which I keep thinking about it but worried I'll always wonder if the other style would have been better if I'd been able to find it! ARGH!

    Sorry bit of a rant but getting quite deflated trying on so many but not being able to find this one style to know whether it's right or not!

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Do you have a pic of the one that has come closest so far? Maybe we could help, if we know of any that are similar? xx

  • I knew straight away that i definitely wanted a full length long sleeved lace dress with a high-ish neckline, i visited 3 shops and none of them had any at all, i was literally going to have a breakdown! So I tried on various other styles but nothing wowed me at all and I didn't think I was ever going to find the perfect dress, until the 3rd store i went to managed to locate my dream dress i saw online in a store 25 miles away and i went to try it on and knew straight away it was the one and ordered it, now I can't wait for it to arrive and wear it on my big day, eek!

  • image


    Good plan VicN2B...I like the shape and the material but not the detail on it image

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    The first dress I thought of straight away was Alfred Angelo's Rapunzel from their Disney collection (as I thought it was my dream dress... how wrong I was, it didn't suit me at all!) - what do you think? Still too much detail? The skirt isn't exactly the same either but similar I think xx



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Also the one in your pic reminds me of Maggie Sottero gowns - have you looked at their 'fit and flare' gowns? 



  • Thanks! I have tried ones similar to the first pic but where the skirt flares out a bit higher it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure I have tried the second one- if not it was a very similar one but the lace under the tulle was quite shiny which put me off. Maybe I'm just being too fussy?! When I tried the dress on I thought it'd be easy to find a plainer version- oh how wrong I was!

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    How about this?  doesn't have the assymetric hem but otherwise similar?  It's Blu by Mori Lee 5108.


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    There are also lots of nice ones around with ruffly bottoms if you like that sort of thing?

  • Not too keen on the ruffles but that Mori Lee one looks spot on! Now to find someone nearby selling it...thank you image

  • Just realised I tried to try that Mori Lee one on in one shop but they'd sold the only one they had! Have emailed another stockist so fingers crossed they have it.

  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    Where are you - I can highly recommend Glamourous Gowns in Surrey for Mori Lee dresses?!


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