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Mori lee 5204

I've chosen my dress to wear for my May 2015 wedding and I've been searching online for any pics of brides actually in my dress but haven't come up with anything so far! Anyone wearing this mori lee 5204? And if so please share some pics!! ????



  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I went with the Mori Lee 5212 which has thevsame skirt as yours & cant find anyone in that either

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Ooh I haven't seen that dress before, it's beautiful!! X

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    Both came out at the same time & i had both pics on my phone, kept going between them lol i always had a feeling I was going to go for a Mori Lee

  • I'm wearing the 5204 too image but my wedding isn't until June 2015. I saw the dress back in January and just fell in love. Due to go in soon for my first fitting. I found a video of a girl modelling it in the shop but haven't seen any real pics yet. X

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Thanks for the video! She could have looked happier to be honest hahaha

  • I know right! Don't think she really does it justice image

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Also to add my dress has just come in so I'm going to try it on next Wednesday! I'm so nervous and I haven't lost the weight I need to yet so it probably won't do up! Eeeek

  • Don't be nervous! I'm sure you'll look lovely. That's what's great about an early fitting - it still gives you time to change anything you want to image 

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    My dress actually fitted much to my surprise! absolutely loved it! needs some adjusting across my boobs but otherwise perfect. it's made me so excited for the big day! Everything seems real now!

  • Congratulations that you are satisfied with your dress.Can you share some pics about you in the mori lee 5204?

  • Ah, awesome! That's great news. Fingers crossed mine is as successful as yours. I have my first dress fitting tomorrow and getting those pre-fitting jitters now! Bought my shoes a few weeks ago and will be nice to try them on together. Are you wearing a veil? I've got a long one but still need to find the right hair accessory to hold it in.

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Oh good luck wordbird! Maybe we can share pictures?? I don't want to post mine on here yet in case anyone I know sees them! But we could always swap them via email/private message (if that's possible!). I haven't got my shoes yet, nothing has grabbed me yet apart from badgley mischka shoes which I cannot source anhwhere in the UK.

    i have got a long veil yes, it is beautiful and matches the length of the dress and has swarovski crystals scattered on it image

  • Yeah, sure! I know what you mean - I've kept mine a secret from everyone apart from my mum and sisters. I tried on the 10, which fitted fine but was a bit tight under the arms, so I ordered the 12 to make sure there's enough material for the alterations. So I'm probably just going to look like I'm wearing a pretty sack tomorrow!! But will let you know if there's any decent pictures! 

    I have a full length veil too - think they complete the dress perfectly! image

  • I've ordered my mori lee 5204 today!!  image  I'm going to have a veil as well but I'm not sure about having a something else in my hair or a tiara...

    Hope all the fittings went well!


  • lisa60lisa60 Posts: 1

    Im a little bit late to this party, sorry!

    ive been searching high and low for 'normal' girls wearong the Mori Lee 5212 rather than just the model to get more of an idea of how it looks. 

    I ordered mine way back in January of last year for my wedding in July 2015!! 


    I notice someone mention their first fitting, when is your wedding date? Ive been told my first fitting will be April, does this sound normal? 



  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Hi Lisa. The seamstress told me to contact her in February and my wedding is in May. I think about 6 weeks is the usual x

  • My dress isn't arriving until the end of March and my wedding is at the end of May so I'm hoping that will be long enough!  image

  • Hi there , just came across this thread , I got married in sept 2014 and wore mori lee 5204

    ???? I absolutely loved my dress and like you desperately tried to find pictures of 'normal' girls wearing it but unfortunately didn't come across any ???? I've never joined anything like this before so when I figure out how to upload pictures I'd be happy to show you some ??????


  • image


  • image


  • Beautiful Elaine!!  Thank you so much for sharing image

  • Ur very welcome image

  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    You looked amazing - congratulations!

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Absolutely stunning thank u for sharing!!! Xx

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Did you wear a hoop? X

  • Awww thank you image No I didn't wear the hoop because when I tried it on with it , it was very bulky and heavy to walk in so I got the seamstress to take it out and it just looked and felt so much better without it ... I found it dropped more elegantly without the hoop ( and everyone agreed with me ) . Even without the hoop there is still enough netting underneath to make it go out a little     ( hope that makes sense !! ) Each to their own but I prefered it without image Hope ur enjoying the plans image x

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    I tried it on initially without a hoop and thenin the shop they said I should wear one so I can have a bit more room to walk. I do prefer how it falls without one though! I will try it with and without when I go for my fitting and see what I think. Thanks! Xx

  • Yeah I have to admit it was hard to walk in .. you kind of end up walking in circles to get around !!! But I loved how it fell without it also have a good long walk around in it with the hoop as it might add more weight to the dress because it's heavy enough as it is without it so just bear that in mind also image Awww I wish I could wear mine again !!! 

  • Oh wow Elaine - you look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. All getting very close now - exciting times! xx

  • You look amazing in the dress.  i also have bought this dress for my wedding in October.  I was wondering about underwear - did you wear any sort of bra or have anything fitted into your dress.  As the dress is low Im not sure what the best option is?  Thanks

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