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Trying to track down a dress!

I am trying to track down a dress I've seen on DIY dresses that I really like. I don't trust those sites so want to get the original version, but can't seem to find it anywhere else. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks!


  • it sort of looks like a maggie sorrento dress - to be honest there are a few similar dresses out there  when i looked online so i think you would be able to find something almost the exact same? i would possibly email the picture to local wedding shops and ask them if they have similar styled dresses for you to try on and buy (tho u dont have to buy but it would be good to get an idea of the style on u and maybe pick up other desginers names)

  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    Here you go



    Looks like an American company though - there are similar styles from other designers?

  • Thanks hydrogirl, that is a good idea about taking the photo/ sending to local shops. You are right, it doesn't have to be that exact dress, but they night be able to help narrow down a design.


    Ah brilliant Fran7, now we're getting somewhere! Thanks girls image 


  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    Showing my bias to Mori Lee dresses here but how about?




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