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Why do I feel neglected by wedding magazines

I never expected to be becoming a Bride and am so excited planning the wedding and a marriage blessing to come next year.

Why can i not find depictions of Brides from different races. I am a born and bred British Bride, but all i see when i search wedding magazines for wedding dress styles, make up and hair desigins are brides or models that are white in colour. It is disheartening in this mordern day and age to still be seeing this kind of cultural/ race divide. Surely Editors, designers  and stylists must recognise that they are discriminating against Brides of colour such as myself , when we too deserve to be recognized and depicted in their magazines.

Racial barriers should be coming down, i certainly do not want to have to separete myself or be forced into buying magazines that go completely the other way and only show black models!!!

It is sad to feel so blatently ignored, i do wonder if anyone else has also found this discouraging?


  • moonpiemoonpie Posts: 166

    I've got to be honest, this is something I haven't ever thought about but now that you have mentioned it I think that you're absolutely right! I only ever see white brides in magazines unless it is a magazine or website specifically for other races. Hopefully the editors or admins of You and Your Wedding will see your post and realise that something needs to change and they're the ones to do it!

  • I agree!

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Totally agree Juliette! I have a mixed race background and really struggled to find images of women who arent white in wedding dresses. It's annoying because white/cream (eg wedding dress colours) is a colour that changes a lot depending on a person's skin tone so variety is definitely needed!

  • I've noticed this too but only when I was looking on bridal websites for a dress. Vera Wangs iconic range is the only bridal range that immediately springs to mind for using models of all different racial backgrounds.

    I saw this collection earlier this year and I still remember it!

  • Maybe drop a little message to the fb pages of the magazines and highlight it to them? 

  • I never thought about it until I see your post!I have to say it is really a negligence of the editor!Maybe because of the production place of the designer wedding dresses are located in the place where live more white colored people than other colors.It is really a good question!

  • Thank  you all ladies for being kind enough to acknowledge my question and giving me feedback,suggestions and support. I really felt I had to bring this topic to light, especially as my Partner could see how my enthusiasm begin to diminish with each magazine we looked through together.

    He feels so welcomed and enriched learning about my Father's west indian culture and seeing Brides like myself not represented in these magazines should remind us all of those that fought hard to stop discrimination and prejudice not only in our country but around the world.
      I am not able to have my own children but have a beautiful 6 year old niece who is mixed race, when/if she chooses to marry one day in the far far far distant future.. i don't want her to face this same issue.  I remeber a dear friend once saying to me " If we don't confront issues of this kind, then we condone them".

    Thanks again ladies, great lovely Brides to be,  maybe you can help me bring it to the attention of this particular magazine and start to change things xo

  • Juliette

    I wholeheartedly agree, despite being Irish and white myself this is such a sad problem and one that I have heard mentioned repeatedly. You should take a look at the blog Love my Dress.   Annabel the author though white, english herself has tried to address this very issue and written a few articles as well as made an effort to include more real weddings from non-white brides. Another issue that she has highlighted is the lack of role models available for disabled brides.

    Wishing you all the best with your big day, I hope you find your inspiration and I'm sure that you will look fabulous.


  • I am in partnership with my husband, selling tiaras, and other bridal headpieces. We were approached by a lady organising an Asian wedding fair. We had to say no, as we had no idea what to buy in the way of stock, as there was nowhere to refer to for ideas. We've also been approached by Muslim brides-2-B at wedding fairs, but can't really help because there is nothing for us to refer to, for ideas of what we should be stocking. We'd dearly love to be able to help, but because we have no point of reference, we are stuck. We see, and are part of a multi-cultural society, but this is not acknowledged in the media. So sad, and such a loss to everyone. If anyone can point us in the right direction, we'd be really grateful.

  • Thank you all so much for your replies. I hope the Editor and staff of You and Your Wedding will be able to help you and your Husband, in particular Laura, as I can see that it is difficult for you to come up with inspiring ideas aswell as stock for the couples that come to you.

    You could think about contacting the Editors of not only You and your Wedding magazine, but other wedding magazines and help change the way they are thinking..or should i say "NOT THINKING!!". The only way things get changed is for all of us to start to speak up and demand a change. (That's why I posted my question here, I was just so frustrated and upset at how Editors etc.. are blatantly discriminating towards so many people who are looking to them for advice on planning a wedding.

    I have now written to the Editor of You and Your Wedding magazine ,as was suggested here.

    Let's just hope they begin to listen and actually change the way things are for the good of us all.

    Good luck to you all and best wishes xxoo

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    What an amazing feed, I wholeheartedly agree x

  • Hi Juliette3,

    Thanks for contacting us about this. We actually do feature multi-cultural weddings and models of differing nationalities (I have attached some of the latest features below to highlight this) but as you will appreciate one of our main areas is real weddings and we choose from the ones submitted. 

    We are a magazine catering to a core readership and as such we reflect that.    Good luck with your wedding planning! Maxine, Editor, You & Your Wedding  





  • Hello Maxine,

    Thank you very much for your reply to my post. As you can see from the other replies,  many other Brides to be have also wondered about this issue.

    I am happy and apprciate that you have attached the weddings shown and understand that you choose from Real Weddings that are submitted to your magazine. (In fact the couple featured in the second attached picture were so incredibley fortunate. Having their own wedding planning business, would of course mean having a "heads up" on the necessary contacts to help them create a very special day!).

    I am still very much interested in hearing from Real Brides to be planning their big day who may have any ideas and contacts or inspirational ideas for not only myself but to all others looking for a little support planning the day etc..keeping in mind those of us who value the help of Real people out living in our multi cultural society.

    Thank you to all at You and Your wedding Magazine

    P.s less than a month to go now  for me , fellow brides to be!! Then got our Marriage Blessing in church next May, with family and friends.





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