Dress coming in early and Shop demanding payment and pick up?

Hi Ladies!!
So I ordered my dress in July, and gorgeous Maggie Storetto, which I was told would take at least 6 Months to be delivered, so I would be looking at end of January for delivery.
I explained to the shop at the time that i lived abroad at the time, an am also pregnant - due in November, so it would suit me fine. I can't try it on until January anyway, an would probably not be back in the UK until late December.
I paid a 50% deposit, with the final balance to be paid on delivery.
So last week my Mother in law gets a phone call from the shop stating the dress has arrived and I need to come into pay for it and take it away as they will not store it.
It was never mentioned that they would not store the dress until the wedding.

So I rang them back today to see what the situation is and was told that I needed to pay ASAP as they are on a credit system with the dress makers, I tried to explain that as I thought I wouldn't be paying until January I don't have the cash spare right away. But she states that it was agreed that I would pay the balance when the dress arrived so I need to sort that out....
Also in regards to picking it up, I explained that I can't even try the dress on at the moment, as I had made her aware at the time of ordering that I am pregnant and not in the area. Also she had never once said that they would not store the dress. Her solution was that I could pay for them to 'Fed Ex' it to my parents house, when I stated that I would not be arranging to remove the dress until I had at least seen it to ensure it was the right dress/ size and no issues with it, an this would not be possible in the next week or so, for the reasons stated above, she became quite rude and started saying about insurance issues

I can only store the dress at my Mam's house, which is 2 hours away from the dress shop- The dress shop is in the town where my MIL lives, but she can't store my dress as she doesn't have space. So if I take the dress to my Mam's i will not be returning to the dress shop for alterations.

Has anyone else had these issues?


  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    wow no idea who to help - go over your contract and ask citizens advice?!

  • Rachel 14Rachel 14 Posts: 232

    I don't have a contract with them, just a receipt, which does state that I have to pay the balance when the dress arrives in the shop. It's just that its 3 months earlier than planned and she doesn't seem to be taking that into consideration when she's demanding the money.

    It nowhere says anything about storage, I think I just assumed as part of the service they'd store it. I didn't think I'd be expected to drag it around with me to fittings etc!!!

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i know that most stores once paid for they dont normally store it or if they do they charge for it. do oyu have an alterations package with them? i got my dress altered closer to home

    im sure people do not go and pick up their dress within days of it arriving so ask the insurance issues as they will have lots of dresses in the store which r expensive and must have insurance to keep dresses in store for a period of time anyway?

    im sure one of the other members will be able to help with this

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    My dress also came in slightly earlier than I had envisaged and I had the same term in my contract - however I couldn't get time off to go and pick it up at the times that they had an appointment so had to stall a bit for that and it wasn't a problem. If you a completely incapable of picking it up then there isn't much that can be done.

    Could you not call her bluff and say that you are extremely surprised that as a prudent business owner she does not carry adequate business insurance to cover her operations?!

    To be honest I wouldn't worry about getting your alterations done elsewhere - however you don't want to pick up the dress without having the chance to look over it. Do you know anyone else that has bought their dress from the same shop? xx

  • I would be careful, i know a friend who was told 6-9 months and it arrived after 4 months. The shop demanded payment in full and she didn't have the cash spare at the time, and they refused to store it or hold for longer than 30 days - in the end the shop actually returned the dress and she lost her 50% deposit.

    Her wedding insurance wouldn't pay out because the contract/receipt states it must be paid for in full on delivery - the shop can only quote the designer/manufacturers recommended turnaround times, it was her responsibility to ensure she could pay in full on delivery and then collect xx

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    Which shop is this ? x

  • Rachel 14Rachel 14 Posts: 232

    Thanks for the replies Ladies.
    I spoke to my Mam, who is paying for it who says its not a problem to pay this week, she'l happily transfer me the money, but isn't available to come an see it until nearly Christmas as she goes away soon. 

    I think its just the inflexablity of the shop owner that has shocked me, I made my situation re- being away and pregnant really clear to her when I ordered an I'm shocked that she wants the dress picking up and paying for before I could try it on an see it!!
    I feel like I'm being robbed of my exciting moment when I take my Mam and sisters to go to try on my actual dress, and pay for it etc, which we would have done in Jan when I could actually try it on. An instead its been maybe stressful, surely she's aware of how much a big thing getting your dress is!!?!?

    Not sure I want to 'name and shame' the shop just yet to be honest, it may be all a big misunderstanding and when I go to the shop it may all be cleared up. 

  • MrsB4MrsB4 Posts: 135

    That's cool, I live in Coventry (I think saw on your threat it is where it is based) and was wondering which one it was!! Hopefully you will get it sorted! x

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    To be fair I think most shops do ask you to pay and take away as soon as possible after the dress arrives and many don't have the capacity to store lots of dresses? It was in my T&Cs when I bought that delivery can be earlier or later than stated and the final balance must be paid in 14 days?

    I agree that some common decency and understanding would help, maybe they initially had forgotten the situation.


    Also the 'she is on credit system with the designer'  rang alarm bells with me, I am sure all shops are but the management of their cash flow is not your issue! That would get me in to collect the dress really fast as maybe they are having problems paying bills...better safe than sorry.

  • Rachel 14Rachel 14 Posts: 232

    I'v arranged payment of the dress and H2B has agreed to drive me there next weekend (36 weeks pregnant and 2 hour drive don't mix) to pick it up. but it means it'l be bundled into our car and then hidden in the spare room until I can transport it to my Mams.
    But I'v sent them an email stating how upset I am about the situation and how they have approached it and exactly why I am so upset. I think I'm just disappointed about  the anti-climax of it all as I was so excited about my dress, and the woman on the phone being quite rude and short with me. Maybe I'm being over sensitive.

    My Mam has said about the shop near her, where my sister got her dress being fantastic with alterations and things and really nice and helpful, so I will ring them in the new year (once I can hopefully fit into dress) and see if they can help with alterations.

    I guess I will just see what they say when I pick it up. Thanks for your replies and advice ladies!

  • Good luck Rachel, sounds like an awful situation but keep positive, I'm sure it will work out for the best.  It sounds to be honest like getting your dress away from that shop might be good in the long run, and you can use the shop local to your mum to make sure all the alterations are carried out

  • Rachel 14Rachel 14 Posts: 232


    I had sent an email to the manager of the shop saying how upset I was about the situation,  an while I didn't expect any special treatment I thought that they could have at least been a bit more understanding with pick up etc. I got a rather rude msg back stating she was sorry that my dress had come in early an that I wasn't happy about it, an that they have to pay the designer within so many days an insurance an space issues for needing pick up. 

    Basically she made me feel quite stupid for being upset by it, so I left it at that.

    Went to pick it up today, but Was in a big rush an by the time I got round to going to the shop I was tired an uncomfortable so couldn't be bothered arguing with anyone.  I just checked that it was ok an got out of there.

    Luckily it is perfect, even more beautiful then I remember!!! An the lady who helped me- didn't give me her name but I don't think she was the owner,  stood with me for a bit admiring her an making me feel special.  Which is all I really wanted. 

    So my beautiful dress is upstairs in the spare room, H2B is currently adding her to our insurance - best to be safe.

    Just need to get this baby out now so I can try her on!!!!

    Happy endings. 

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