Help! I haven't got a dress! Need advice for amazing boutiques in London

Hello fellow brides to be! This is my first post... I'm hoping you can help. I am losing a lot of weight for our wedding (I have lost just under 6 stone since we got engaged in May 2014) and I haven't got a wedding dress yet. I didn't want to go dress shopping earlier as my body shape is changing. I know that most bridal boutiques are quite particular about ordering/lead times for dresses. I will be losing weight right up until the wedding and still have another 5-6 stone to go. However my wedding is on 4th July 2015! Only 6 months away... Has anyone had any fab experiences at any bridal boutiques that have in house alterations team? I am based in London... Help!!! Thanks in advance x


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    I'm afraid i can't help with bridal boutiques in London as i'm based in Manchester

    But i just wanted to say a massive well done on your weight loss. 6 stone is an amazing amount to lose! Keep it up! You will look stunning on your big day image 

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    I got mine from BOA in Richmond. I was really impressed with the shop, the service and the selection. Alterations are done by a lady that, although not actually a shop employee, comes to the shop to do the fittings, so even though you pay her separately, it it as convenient as it would be 'in house'.

    6 months is definitely cutting it fine, but a good bridal shop will be able to tell you which designers can and can't turn dresses around in that time. If you are prepared to pay for a rush order, you'll also find that your selection increases.

    Also, be aware that even if you can show you've lost a lot of weight, and tell them that you intend to lose more, you might find that any shop is reluctant to order anything much smaller than your size at ordering. This is because, while dresses can always be taken in (the rule of thumb is by up to 3 sizes, which is actually about how much I had to have mine take in by after losing a lot of weight), they can't usually be let out - everyone prefers to err on the side of caution!

    Well done with your amazing loss so far - I know what hard work it is! Good luck with your wedding and the weight loss journey ahead. xx

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    Wow, that's amazing - congrats! 

    I went to a few dress shops in London before I chose my dress. My fave (by far) was Mirror Mirror in Angel. They were SO helpful, not pretentious at all and had lots of lovely designers. 

    I also liked Angelica Bridal (who are about 10 mins walk from Mirror Mirror). They were v professional and friendly.

    Mia Sposa in Hatton Garden was good also - they had LOADS of dresses and they were all out so you could browse through them, v useful if you aren't sure yet what you want. The bridal bit is in the basement with the men's section on the ground floor so don't be put off by that!

    I also visited London Bride Couture in Pimlico which sadly I probably wouldn't recommend. I had to pay £25 to have an appointment there even though I went on a Friday (you will find quite a few places in central London charge for weekend appointments which is annoying but I thought charging during the week was excessive). The lady who actually helped us was really lovely but a colleague also in the shop was quite abrupt. This was one of my first visits to try on wedding dresses and I wasn't impressed.

  • I can't help you with boutique advice, but I will say that if you go for a corset back you will have more room for manoeuvre as they say that they go up or down 2 sizes. I left it late ordering my dress and am having a rush order made, so have ordered my regular size even though I'm hoping to lose a little before the wedding in 87 days. I'm not stressing that it'll be too big as the corset back has given me that little bit of breathing space thankfully!

    P.S. Congratulations on the weight loss, that's amazing!!!

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    Hi! BOA in Richmond are excellent, really great service and gorgeous dresses X

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    I've heard good things about Mirror Mirror, and I went to the London Designer Bridal company in Fitzrovia. The woman was amazing, and knew better than I did what was right for me.

  • Thank you ladies! they are all great suggestions I will call the boutiques to see when they can squeeze me in. The weight loss has taken a considerable amount of dedication but has come off very quickly. I go to the gym 5 times a week and I am eating clean (no refined sugar and lots of lean protein and vegetables).

    The wedding is really starting to sneak up and I am feeling very anxious about finding THE dress!!! eek!



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    Well done on your weight loss! I went to Morgan Davies in Islington and really liked them. I didn't go to Mirror Mirror but I hear good things about them. It might also be worth looking for sample sales as they will have dresses ready to go.

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    BOA in Richmond. I took my pregnant sister in there to try on dresses and they were so helpful and made loads of suggestions about what would be suitable/what alternations could be made depending on how her body changed. This was also only 4 months before her wedding x

  • Hi, huge congratulations on your weight loss. I have a bridal studio in Ashtead, Surrey that has designer wedding dresses to hire from top designers including Vera Wang, Maggie Sottero, Ian Stuart, Pronovias and many more, all at a fraction of the cost of the original designer price tag. There is no lead time because the dresses are all in stock (we have over 70 wedding dresses), full details on our website You could come in to look at the dresses and we could chat about what catches your eye then try on lots as close to the date as you like to ensure you get a perfect fit. We also hire veils, tiaras etc. Let me know if you would like more information.  Best of luck with everything x

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    congrats on the weight loss!

    I ordered my dress 3 months before and it wasn't a rush order etc so don't worry too much

    a corset back with help with last min weight differences

    I would say may look at second hand or sample sales closer to the time especially if you have a rough idea of the type of dress then it can be a last min (1month at least b4 the wedding) purchase and if you lose more weight then it can be altered but will not change shape as much (a dress being altered 3+ sizes can completely change the shape/style)

    also a warning many shops will try to make you worry about getting it in on time (some even say you have to order a year in advance) so take not of sample sales and desginers/styles u like (also if you add the stores on fb they post there first about sales, similarly so do designers HQ stores like sassi holford etc)

    also be warned that the stress may take over in the month b4 the wedding - weight loss may  not be as drastic as it has been as it can naturally slow down but toning will help loads more so I would suggest at least a month before to get a dress 

    hope that helps and keep up the good work!

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    I can relate! My wedding is in May and I still haven't found "the one" even after visiting at least 15 dress shops in London/Herts and over 150 dresses!

    Over Christmas I was stressing big time about this and all the dress shops I visited were telling me I was running out of time (Mirror Mirror and Angelica in Islington included) and then one shop even pressured me into buying a dress that was well over-budget! 

    I've since realised that I will somehow find something and have been avoiding dress shops for about a month now!

    The best places I've found in London are Suzanne Neville, which won't charge a rush until 3 months.They are so lovely in there but the prices are around £2-3k. 

    I've also spoken to a seamstress who can make me a made to measure dress in about 2 months in a design I choose for a similar price. 

    Another option is a second hand dress, I've been looking on Bride2bride, Preloved and SellMyWeddingDress. It's not as glamorous, but the significant discount and lack of time pressure makes it a great option!

    Sample sales are also a good option, but you need to be a 10-12 as 12 is the general sample size and I have been told you shouldn't go down more than a size or you lose the shape of the dress, and you can't go up a size. 

    Congrats on the weight loss and keep us updated on your dress!!! 

  • Have you tried Belle Bridal in Whetstone, North London? They specialise in selling sample gowns.



  • Blackburn Bridal in Blackheath was lovely.. They stock some pretty amazing dresses like Claire Pettibone and Jenny Packham 

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