Which dress dilemma - votes please

Ok so I think I have narrowed it down to these two dresses but they are so different and I really don't know...both are Sophia Tolli

I originally pictured lace and tried the lace one (Jillian) on in another shop and discounted it...but when I tried it on in this shop she pinned it differently and the shape looks so much better.  But then it worries me as to what shape it will actually be when it turns up in my size...

I never wanted satin but when I tried this one (Tulip) it felt so bridal and I really liked it and loved the cathedral train.  I have tried this one on twice aswell and liked it both times....but I was going for a bit of a vintagey feel for the overall feel and I don't know that the satin fits in with that...

So difficult - added to which Jillian would be twice the price as I can get Tulip in the sample sale and I don't know that I like one that much more than the other to justify such a difference in price


Jillian front


 Jillian Back with lace edged veil (ignore random knee!)



Tulip front


 Tulip back with veil







  • Two pretty dresses!

    Out of the two, I really love the Jillian on you. It shows your figure off beautifully whereas it almost gets hidden in the dramatic split front of the Tulip. Also, gorgeous veil!

    The dress can be altered to fit you just as they have pinned it so don't worry about that image 


    Hope that helps

  • Lola4Lola4 Posts: 129

    Both lovely dresses. However, as a personal preference, I prefer the overall look of the first dress. Good luck with the final decision. image

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Both look lovely on you! However I think I prefer the first one, it really flatters your figure image

  • I also prefer the first one, typical that it's the more expensive! X

  • Yeah twice the price and a third over my original budget.

    The sample of Tulip is £699 and Jillian would be £1570

    Adding in the extras such as the alterations to Tulip (£150) and the cathedral veil (£260) and hoop underskirt (£73) it only comes to £1182

    Why can't they put Jillian is the sample sale too image


  • I really think the Jillian flatters you so much more and overall is a much prettier dress. You are small and the satin makes you look heavier. the bottom of tulip is nice but overall you look GREAT in Jillian image x

  • Jillian all the way!!! ????

  • I agree with everyone else- both lovely dresses but the first one really suits your figure.

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I prefer the first one. They both look beautiful though. I'm not keen on satin which is probably why I would lean more towards the first one anyway but I just think it looks gorgeous on you and it is a very 'romantic' looking dress. Good luck with your choice - we can give advice but at the end of the day it's whichever you can picture yourself walking down the aisle in image

  • Numero uno gets my vote!

    I think you look lovely in both, but I prefer the skirt part of Jillian - I just think overall it looks better and I think it suits you the best image

  • They both very pretty- I love Sophia Tolli dresses, got my eye on one for when I go dress shopping. I agree with the other girls, the Jillian one shows off your lovely figure, so I'd go with that one. And basically I just love lace! Shame it's more expensive, it's always the way! 

    I wouldn't worry about how it will look when it comes in, that's why you alter it, so it can be similar to how this lady pinned it on you for example, and so it looks fab on you.

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    I think the first one too!image

  • SofiaF82SofiaF82 Posts: 177

    Jillian definitely!

  • The first one, tulip looks absolutely STUNNING on you, definitely my favourite. Not that the other doesn't but honestly the first one fits you perfectly and is beyond beautiful. I do love the second one but i'm probably bias because i prefer lace to satin in giving my vote. Go with what feels right for you. image

  • JayneAJayneA Posts: 15

    First one

  • I agree, the first one is amazing! But ultimately, it's up to you and what you feel most comfortable in really. 

  • The first one! X

  • The first one suits your figure perfectly. Now that you know the 'mermaid' style suits you the best, can you not try some others on in the same style? You might find one just as amazing at a fraction of the cost image

  • hf1989hf1989 Posts: 416

    The first one is gorgeous and really suits you. It definitely has a more vintage feel too!

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