Bridesmaids shoes?

Hi do you know where I can get some cheapish bridesmaid shoes from please? I'm looking for some light pink or silver shoes for my 3 bridesmaids but don't really wanna spend much more than £30 per pair as everything is adding up. I'd rather buy on the high street really so I can get them to try them on. Where is everyone getting their bridesmaids shoes from?  


  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    Have you looked in Next? They usually have some wonderful shoes, also Debenhams (they have a 25% off sale on as well at the minute)

  • I was going to suggest Next too as that's where I got mine from. £25 each and they can be worn again: perfect! image

  • Thanks I did have a quick look on the next website but might have another look in store. Will look in debenhams too image 

  • CheleChele Posts: 27

    Debenhams, Next, BHS and Very catalogue do some fab silver shoes for under £30

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    One other thought - you could just tell the BMs the budget and what colour the shoes need to be, and then ask them to buy their own? This is what I did, and it worked really well. That way, if they wanted to spend more, they could do - but they knew what my maximum contribution would be and they all got pair of shoes that fitted well and they could wear again. 

    Obviously that meant that they didn't match perfectly, but I honestly don't think anyone noticed. It all comes down to how much that matters to you.

  • hi i had my bridesmaid shoes from New Look they where perfect for her as she can wear them again after the wedding, i liked them so much i even bought myself a pair lol and bonus they cost me £15!! 

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    M&S do silver pointed court shoes for £19 a pair I think. Sign up online as you'll regularly get emails to 15% off etc.

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