Mixing looks - can it work?



I was wondering if anyone had any advice about my planned 'wedding look' as I am worried I am mixing up two styles and am not sure if it will work.

I am going to be wearing  a-line, taffeta wedding dress with pearl detail which, although is not completely princess and OTT, is pretty big! But I am a bit of a boho girl at heart and as I am getting married outdoors I have sort of set my heart on a floral crown and I am not sure the two looks will go together.

I am also unsure about what jewellery I would go for - do I pick something that is pearls to go with the dress or do I do something different to compliment the floral theme?

I have very long hair (to my waist) so was planning a half-up, half-down curled look which I hope will work for both crown and dress, but again I find myself second-guessing this too. 


Any advice? Anyone else done something similar? 


  • JulyTillyJulyTilly Posts: 52

    Do you have pictures of the dress? (Or similar if you don't want to give the game away!) I love the boho look and sounds like you've got the perfect hair for it! I think you can really change the look of a dress with hair, make up and accessories. Also is there anyway your seamstress could slightly alter the dress to make it more boho? I've altered mine loads and changed the whole feel of if (two totally different looks from the same dress!) 


    it it sounds like you are going to look stunning and the day sounds fab! Go with what feels right x 

  • This is the dress!! I am seeing the seamstress a month before the wedding (which is late July) to have it taken in slightly so I could ask for alteration then but not sure what to ask for. Think I might just want to have my cake and eat it too!


    Thanks for taking the time to reply image

  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    Your dress is beautifulimage & I think would look lovely with a floral crown & with your hair as described will make the look your ownimage you could combine pearls & flowers in your jewellery to link everything togetherimage Kxx 

  • JulyTillyJulyTilly Posts: 52

    oh you're dress is lovely, I think putting a very simple (maybe green and white) crown with loose curls and pearls will look lovely!! Go for a simple bouquet and you will look stunning!! but that's just my opinionimage xx 

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