Help to find jewellery!

Hi ladies

Im having trouble trying to find a lovely online store for my wedding jewellery - i seem to have exhausted all my ideas.  Ive tried Etsy but cant see what i like.

Can anyone recommend a nice store to try please?  I want something lovely and good quality..


thank you image


  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    I found Ivory and Co amazing. They are on the pricey side, but the quality is great!

  • KatspupsKatspups Posts: 519

    I think it kind of depends on what style you are trying to achieve. I personally do love Etsy, because I enjoy customizing things and love the way many of the items truly look "homemade." If you are looking for something more dressy, classic, and conventional, then you are probably better off checking with a local bridal shop. They often carry a selection of basic accessories (pearl earrings and matching necklaces, etc). 

    If you want something more vintage, you might check with family and see if there are any heirloom or antique pieces that you could borrow. You might even have something in your own jewelry box that could be re-purposed and worn.

    Good luck!

  • missjk2missjk2 Posts: 28

    Ivory & co is nice but not quite what I'm looking for.

    Im getting blinded by etsy at the mo, ive ordered my crystal belt and tiara there but can I find earrings and a bracelet to suit.. Nope!

  • Claire121Claire121 Posts: 113 New bride

    how about Glitzy Secrets?

  • Reposting my answer from a similar post in the past because these are always my favourite places :)

    With a new one!

  • UmbongoUmbongo Posts: 89

    Depends on the sort of thing you are looking for. I'm getting some nice pearl earrings from Pia Jewellery. I generally buy everday stuff from them anyway. 

  • KerryL82KerryL82 Posts: 97

    Have you tried BHLDN? Everything on their website is beautiful...!

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