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London – Morgan Davies and Teokath Wimbledon - advise needed

Hi Ladies,

I was hoping I could get some reviews of two wedding dress shops in London (Morgan Davies and Teokath in Wimbledon).

There are not many reviews I could find and they often are from both extremes.

I went to Mirror Mirror and they were great but I want to try some other designers as well and I found some beautiful dresses on the websites of those two stores so I made appointments.

Before I go though I would love to hear for those of you who did buy a dress from them or decided not to.

I thought I would have the best time of my life shopping for wedding dress but it’s becoming a bit stressful :) with the different designers, styles and picking the right shop to buy.

Thank you very much in advance for all your advice!!!



  • Sorry to hear it's been stressful for you! I had a couple of bad experiences in my shopping but can vouch for Teokath in Wimbledon. 

    I bought my dress from there - due to get married in it in about 2 weeks time. I met with Kelly on a Saturday and she was lovely, the shop is laid out so each section has different styles (lightweight, fishtail, princess, etc.), so if you're looking for something specific you can go straight to that. I was asked to pick out 6 dresses initially, tried them on and said what I did or didn't like which helped Kelly go and find others I might like. Kelly was brilliant and really reassuring, so if I said I hate it - she'd ask why so she knew what to avoid or recommend next, or whether something could be added to another dress (like cap sleeves) to make it better. 

    Was a really calm experience and I felt she really listened to what I was after - I narrowed it down to two, but had a few more appointments (which were awful) and ended up going back the next day to buy my dress. They only have space for 3 brides at a time I think (only ever been 1 other person there when I've been, and even then it was towards the end of my appt), and the shop is well split so you're not getting in each others way. Obviously weekday or early morning you'd likely have the place to yourself.

    Really hope you find your dress! Good luck!


  • SunszajnSunszajn Posts: 88

    Thanks angelahpjc

    i don't think I'm brave enough to pick my dress in  2 days :) I'm sure it will take me many shop visits and internal debates 

    did you get alteration there as well? How much were they?

    hope some more of you will share you feddback as well .....  Please!! :)

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    I went to Morgan Davies and they were very nice, very friendly, not pushy or stressful. It was quiet quiet - it felt private, and we enjoyed the experience. In the end I got my dress elsewhere, but I still had a good experience there! 

  • SunszajnSunszajn Posts: 88

    Thanks Jules

    sorry if I seem a bit panicky :) ... but the Fairytale thread and reviews I found online of some other shops made me a bit concerned...

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    No worries! I know someone else who bought from Morgan Davies and no complaints! Another friend who bought from Mirror Mirror said they were lovely. We also went to Angelica in Angel, and I bought my dress from Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield who I loved. Another bride on here rated Les Trois Soeurs in Canary Wharf if that helps.

  • I bought my dress from Morgan Davies! Had a lovely experience and they are very good at suggestions of styles and pulling dresses they think you'll like! Would definately recommend! 

  • SunszajnSunszajn Posts: 88

    Thank you all :)

  • Sorry Sunszajn I didn't see your response until now! I know what you mean about 2 days, I thought it'd take at least a few weekends but then I couldn't get this dress out of my head.

    They have been great, I got a call when the dress was in and had to go in on a weekday to try it, make sure it was all ok then it was sent by them to the tailors so I didn't have to pick it up/faff about.

    They have an alterations package with Chambers Tailors which is in the Village just up the hill - think it's £250 (bit steep I thought - you don't have to use them) for 3 fittings, bustle, shortening length, adjusting shoulders, bust and waist. I got extra cups put in so I don't need to wear a bra and that was an additional £30. That said I'm on my 4th fitting as the shoulders are still not right but they are not charging me, they have to go until it's perfect! Next fitting on Thursday with only just over a week to the wedding so it better be perfect! 

  • Hello,

    My best friend bought from Teokath in Ely's and she had a BAD experience! The woman was rude, dismissive and then to top it all off ordered her dress in the wrong size, this meant that she had to have 5 fittings with the tailors before it was right. 

    Very stressful and all the team could say was "you must have lost weight" or "well one part of your body must be the larger size". They took no responsibility and we were just met with rude responses, the dress was falling off her and this was meant to be in her size!

    I wouldn't recommend this Teokath but maybe the other boutique is better.

    Good luck! x


  • Did she get her measurements written on the order form? I didn't go to the Elys branch but when I ordered my dress they took full measurements of every part and then ordered a size. I had to sign to say those measurements were accurate and I didn't plan to lose/put on more than a dress size. Just thinking your friend could use that as a way to claim something back off them, if her measurements still match they were in the wrong so you might be able to get a discount or free alterations? Id' totally be showing them that if they'd messed up. I was obsessed with those measurements the closer it got to my dress being in, was petrified I'd put on weight on my bum!!

  • SunszajnSunszajn Posts: 88

    Thank you girls

    Now that I have had my appointments I thought I would share some feedback – I didn’t order my dress yet as I still have a bit of time

    Teokath :

    -          Very good selection of dresses, especially if you like lace and fishtails

    -          The lady was very pleasant and offered us refreshments

    -          I was lucky as I had my changing room in the back – ask for one of those if you go – if you get one in the front people can see you in your dresses from the street

    -          They are good in using clips and pins to adjust the dress

    -          I did feel a bit rushed towards the end

    -          Definitely worth visiting for the dresses


    Morgan Davies :

    -          Good selection of dresses, was better for me as I am probably going to go for something a bit simpler (still lace :) )– they have others too though

    -          The lady was lovely and we had a brief chat first

    -          Significantly better changing rooms – very large

    -          Also good in using clips and pins to adjust the dress

    -          I will probably go with them as the dresses suited what I’m looking for


    Considerations of both shops:

    -          I wasn’t allowed to take photos – I don’t really understand the reasoning. One of my friends told me it’s so you don’t take them to a seamstress and copy the dress.  First of all , that’s not what I would do plus all the dresses are online with pictures that are far better than anything I could take with my phone

    -          I missed a bit of an expert advice. I was hoping to get (because that’s what one of my friends experienced) “Now I will choose a dress which I think will be really good on you” type of thing. Maybe it’s because I have a general idea of what I want – but I’m still really confuse to be honest :) too much choice

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