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does anyone know how much the Justin alexander 9782 dress would cost, I have fell in love with it but I am fightful to fins a stockist and try it on for fear of how much it may cost.


  • 9782 would be a newer style I think. Mines the 8738 and costs £1680. Not sure if that helps? 

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    The prices are really variable so not sure anyone could say if they didn't have it themselves. My 8630 was £1065. 

  • Thank you so much for coming back to me, I have been told that as its from his premier range it could be as much as 2500 pound, think I might have to look elsewhere


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    Yes from looking back at the site it is a JA signature. Not sure on prices of them but you could well be right. Could you not ring a shop and ask? x

  • Dont let the price put you off.  

    I fell in love with a Riki Dalal dress which would have cost over £3000, totally over my budget!  

    I went into the bridal shop, they gave me the bad news about the price, so I tried on loads of others within my budget, all were nice but not hitting the spot.  I asked to try the Riki dress on anyway to get it out of my system, it was perfect of course & they offerred me the sample they had in the shop for a little over £1500!!  xx

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    That's true. My friend has just bought a JA sample and got an amazing deal on it x

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    Yes my dress was the most expensive I tired on but the store had an event this weekend and I got 10% off which made it only £12 over budget in the end so it's worth asking about events etc

  • Hi. Did ever find out how much it was? I have fallen in love with it! Thanks x


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