Should I say yes to the dress?!

For a few weeks now I've been visiting bridal boutiques and trying on dresses, but haven't found anything I love. 

Yesterday, I visited a vintage wedding fair and wasn't even expecting there to be dresses, but I found one, tried it on and loved it.

it needs alterations and a bit of work (it's a 1960s original) and because I was trying on in a tent with a tiny mirror I decided to book an appointment to see the lady selling the dresses in a couple of weeks so I could see everytHong a bit better.

However, today I've woken up feeling anxious that someone else will buy the dress today. I've told myself that if its gone then it wasn't meant to be, and that maybe I was just caught up in the story of the dress and the fact it's vintage rather than it being 'the one', but I don't know! 

Should I leave it, hope she doesn't sell the dress today and still has it by my appointment, or call her and buy it?

I do realise this is entirely my decision to make, but any thoughts would be appreciated :) x


  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    Don't think this will be much help, but could you ring her to ask if she's likely to sell it, is it the sort of thing that she sells fast?  Could she hold it back for you? Or could you move your viewing up? 

    Like you say it could be that it's not meant to be but you could do with trying it on again to know in your own mind if it was the circumstances or the dress that caught your imagination otherwise you'll be comparing every other dress to your recollections of this one

    EDIT just realised it's a weekend fair, for what it's worth if you can I'd go back today, take another look & speak to the seller

    good luck Kxx

  • If you woke up and can't stop thinking About it BUY IT!

    Is it a lot of money? Can you afford to change your mind?

  • I think of it does go, at least you know what you want now so could you get someone to make a copy for you? Or get a similar dress and have alterations. 

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