Has anybody heard of or used I keep getting facebook adverts for them, and they look too good to be true (which had probably just answered my own question).



Sam xx


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    I've got another one - has anybody tried diydresses?

    How do you know who to trust? I am looking at the reviews, and they are different 'styles' so I'm happy it's not the same person....but what if it's just lots of people employed by the seller? xx

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    A friend of a friend used diydresses and said she'd recommend them! 

    But I still ain't sure about these sites... 😕 

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    If you want to use a site like them then I've had a bridesmaid dress from lightinthebox and it was fine! However watch out for the customs charges.

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    Thank you both - I think I may risk it. The thing is, they are so cheap, it's worth the gamble (if they were as expensive as a real House of Mooshki that would be a different matter) xx

  • If you can pay by PayPal goods you will be covered if anything goes wrong 

    let us know how you get one 😄

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    That's a good point thank you! I dont mind taking one for the team, and being the guinea pig.

    I think I will still go to try some on so I know for sure what suits me, and I will then also have a dress I can fall back on as a plan B xx

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    Has anyone used Eloise's secret closet? 

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    I hadn't heard of them, I really like the Clarrisa dress combines both the types of dresses I have been thinking about.

    Oh, I've just found a different forum where a couple if brides were saying Eloise Closet were really good - so they look promising! xx

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    Oooooh Clarissa 👌🏼

    it says they take returns and refunds. So that's always good to know! 

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    Eloise's secret dresses looks great! They have an English return address so that is reassuring. Thanks for the link!!

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    Booo....I sent it to my manager, and she has pointed out that the dress is boned and I've got big boobs so it probably wouldn't fit as well as it should :-( xx

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    Huff to your manager!! Haha!! 

    Surely the 'boned' helps in big boobie situations?! 😕

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    I think she thinks they won't squeeze in! She did ask if they have a shop we could visit (she is my dress helper), but they don't.

    I haven't written it off, if I don't find anything equally lovely I might order it to try xx

  • Sammykate wrote (see post):

    If you want to use a site like them then I've had a bridesmaid dress from lightinthebox and it was fine! However watch out for the customs charges.

    Do you know how much custom charges are for dresses from sites like this? Or does it depend on the weight of the dress? Thanks

  • I paid £115 per dress from eloises secret closet for custom made dresses, I wish I hadn't. I sent exact Measurements (all 3 bridesmaids measured separately following their website) and when they came they were ridiculously long didn't fit round the Bust no structure or support it just gaped and didn't sit right. I emailed them to complain and they basically just blamed us for measuring wrong will not offer refund as custom made so there's nothing I can do about it. I thought paying over a hundred pound a dress they would fit right. My advise go to a proper shop where you can try on and see what it looks like before you buy. 

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    There is no doubting that the dresses from Eloise's Secret Closet are beautiful but unfortunately you may well not get the dress you specify. Sadly my experience was not a good one having ordered the Ellie bridesmaid dress, which clearly displays a lace up back. While initially being promised a turn around time of three weeks when enquiring about the dress, I was a bit surprised to be told that it would actually be six weeks once ordered.


     You can imagine my disappointment when at six weeks I then had to have my other half chase up the dress only to be told the dress would be another week. When we complained, we were then told that the dress would be with us by the weekend. The dress arrived but came with a zipped back and was far longer than the specified length. We had also ordered and paid extra for a stole to come with this dress but this too was missing from the order. 

    I was simply stunned to hear that Eloise's Secret Closet had taken the decision upon themselves to insert a zip instead of the lace back as they always do this in dresses for younger bridesmaids. The younger bridesmaid is a size 8 and nowhere did the picture or website have any reference to a zip option. As far as the company was concerned that there was no issue with the dress they had supplied.


    Once Hubbie-to-be pointed out that they were in breach of the Trade Description Act, the lady did give us three options - 1) that we keep the dress and accept a £35 partial refund, 2) that we return the dress and have a correct one sent out having had the dress put to the bottom of the queue so that in all liklihood it wouldn't be ready in time for the wedding, or 3) we sent the dress back for a full refund. 


    Seeing as Eloise's Secret Closet had taken so long to get the wrong dress to us, we had no time for options 2 and 3 to be viable. Interestingly, when my other half asked how long it would take for the zip to be changed to the correct lace up, he was informed that an entirely new dress would need to be made. This has somewhat baffled me considering that they are seamstresses and I myself have had my wedding dress altered with this exact change. The seamstress said it was a really easy alteration so we have no idea why a professional uk-based company were unable to handle this at all. Very strange! 


    The local seamstresses would take the dress up alone for £35 so you can imagine my disgust when Eloise's Secret Closet informed us that this was extortion. With all due respect, it is extortion to have to pay for a bespoke dress to be altered to a pre-specified measurement at all - and looking through previous reviews, this does seem to be a common theme from this company....


    Having now spoken to several different seamstresses they are all confused as to how a zip back can in any way be seen as the dress specified - such a decision should always reside with the bride. So all in all, I am obviously very unhappy with the unprofessional and unhelpful attitude of this company. No apology was ever issued and, so while I am not someone who usually complains, I did want other brides to be aware that when things go wrong, this is not a company that will try to make amends in any helpful or reasonable way. The impression I got was that you are just a number to them and once they've had your money they really don't care.


    Personally, I feel that it has been left to local seamstresses to salvage my big day and to restore the sh
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