Dress shopping tips!

Hi all! So I am going dress shopping next week with my mum, I am VERY nervous about it...it doesn't actually feel very real at all! 

I just wondered if anyone can tell me how it all works and give me some tips. I am going to two designer outlet places so not boutiques so I imagine it'll be a bit different? I have looked at what styles I like, I presume I should go wearing a strapless bra...anything else?!

Any advice gratefully received x


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    hey rainbooboo,

    how exciting! don't be nervous - remember that this doesn't happen every day and you need to enjoy it :) i was slightly sad that it was over so quickly!

    to be honest, i found my dress in the first boutique i went to so i can only advise you based on my one experience. i can only imagine a designer outlet place will be like a normal shop? i would hope that someone will at least advise you on the procedure when you arrive, but if not, just dive in!

    the only real tip i would suggest is not sticking to the style you like too much. of course, pick out dresses that fit your 'criteria', but choose a bit of everything. the reason i say this is because:

    a) you don't choose a wedding dress every day - enjoy playing dress up!

    b) you may find that a wedding dress is very different in terms of how it suits you compared to a 'normal' dress. i was convinced i would get a fishtail-style lace gown with straps (as strapless doesn't suit me normally) - my dress is a strapless taffeta silk number. still a fitted gown, but everything i didn't want on paper otherwise. i would never have found *my* dress if i stuck to my pinterest board!

    wear a strapless bra, some non-VPL underwear if you have a pair and maybe take some shoes with you. i didn't take shoes personally, but it may help to get a sense of whether you are comfortable in a heel/flat.  

    have fun! x

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    Strapless bra for sure! and some heels if you are planning on wearing some on your wedding day. they don't need to be your actual shoes, but all heels make you stand a little taller and straighter!

    also stick some deodorant in your bag, some of those dresses can be hard work getting in an out of. Maybe take a little hairbrush to keep your hair looking good and you feeling that you look your best!

    but most importantly have fun and keep an open mind!!  x

  • Wear good pants and shave your legs! Often the ladies in the shop will help you into the dress so you will be standing there in your bra and pants before you know it! Make sure you wear something you are happy to be seen in so that you don't feel uncomfortable as it can stop you relaxing and finding the dress.

  • I'm going tomorrow to try my dress on for the first time!! I chose it in February lets hope I still like it!! Nervous 😁 But very excited xx

  • Wow Pinkyperky7 that is so exciting! Fingers crossed you still love it!

    Thank you very much to everyone else for the tips! I am off to buy some nice new undies at lunch time to ensure I am prepared, and will pop a hairbrush and some deoderant in my bag as well.

    As for shoes I will be wearing flats on the day so will just take a nice pair of flats to wear with dresses.

    Getting excited now!! eeep! x

  • i'm not get my dress yet... so one tips that i can give to you is for accessories.. if you want buy a nice and cheap accessories but hiqgh quality you can visit wallao website... i found my hairband there

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    I was at my first appointment on Saturday and I realised on the Friday night I didn't have nude pants! Wore white though which was fine. I don't actually wear a strapless bra it was fine as I put the straps down on the one strapless dress I tried on. 

    Agree on wearing what you feel comfortable in as I didn't realise how much I'd be standing in bra, pants and heels making small talk while she got the next dress ready! 

  • Right ladies, I now have my nude bra and pants at the ready! Only a few days to go until the fabulousness begins haha!

    I am wondering how much I am expected to know at these appointments? I mean I know what I like the look of but I dont know all the correct terminology (and yes I have done research!)...I hope it is going to be okay?

    Also all the ladies at my work are asking to see pictures if I find the dress...well I didn't want to show anyone really is this normal or am I being a stick in the mud?


  • I was wearing nice looking white underwear and bra. I don't have strapless but it was fine for me, I could still see how does it look like. Some dresses have build-in bra as well.

    I had shoes in my bag, comfortable with the highest hill I can tolerate. I wouldn't wear anything uncomfortable on my wedding day anyway.

    That was an outlet and it was weekend so rather busy (actually I don't know if it was very busy comparing to other days but there were many people, brides and their friends. I was asked to choose four dresses and wait for my turn i a queue and than I could pick come more dresses. By this time it wasn't so busy so when I chose the dresses I wanted to try I could go to a changing room straight away. The girl who welcomed me asked if I know what I want to try, I briefly explained what styles I like in general and which I don't but since I knew a dress may surprise you I also decided to try a dress in a style I don't fancy, just to check how does it really look like on me. My friend loved it by I hated the look in the mirror :) I posted about the outlet on another thread and there's a picture of the dress I bought (it's not me on that picture, I found it on a designer's website) :)

    I was nervous too but at the end it was really nice and if I haven't bought the dress I would gladly go there again and have fun ;)

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    Rainbooboo, it depends what type of shop you go into and your consultant. At my first appointment I thought i had an idea in my head of what I wanted but she persuaded me to try something that I always thought I couldn't have....I loved it and completely changed my mind!! 

    Be honest about what you have seen that you like, but also that you are open to trying something different. Don't worry about not knowing the correct terms for things, after one or two appointments you'll feel like a pro!

    honestly just enjoy it! Apart from getting engaged and actually getting married, this, in my opinion, is the best part!!!!! 

  • Hi!


    Don't be nervous. You will find something you like, and if you don't find the perfect dress it will be a good learning experience!

    I went for the first time last weekend. I had very fixed ideas about what I wanted but was open minded enough to try a range of styles. I mostly didn't change my ideas much but it was a lot of fun to experiment with different looks. Some dresses look different in real life. I had shortlisted a mixture of floppy/floaty skirts and stiff/full skirts and it wasn't until I tried both on that I knew I needed a full skirt.

    One tip is to make sure you try the dresses you do like with a veil, especially if they are less dramatic. You need to get the full look to see if they work.

    Also, if you're not sure about one part of the dress, ask if it could be changed. Usually you can add a halterneck or straps to a strapless dress, or a sash or belt to most styles. So a very boring dress might become your dream dress with just a couple of easy changes. Ask questions! That's what they are there for.

    I'm not shy about changing but if you are don't worry, the dresses are so big and the changing rooms so small that the lady will not have room/time to see your knickers, while she tries to get the dresses over your head!

    I don't know what bra size you are but I'm a DD/E so I took a non-padded lace wired white bra (no padding). I do wear padded bras sometimes but they will get in the way as many dresses have padding built in. If you prefer a boost, take a non padded AND a padded version with you if you want to try less structured dresses so you have a choice. No need for flesh toned underwear, white is fine.  

    They ask if you want heels in some places but to be safe take a pair in the kind of height you'd wear on your wedding day. Any colour, even boots are ok under many dresses! That way you can walk around comfortably in the dresses.

    Have fun and report back! :)



  • And, no you don't need to tell ANYONE about your dress. If they really get on your nerves, just tell them all about a different dress to the one you're having. ;)


  • Hello ladies! Thank you all once again for the titbits of advice. I'm Still a bit nervous but that's me all over! Feel more prepared now and I think once I'm there I'll be very excited! Hopefully taking my mum out for lunch afterward too (not before, no bloating!) x

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