House of Mooshki Custom Gown

Hi everyone


I have my very first wedding dress appointment on Saturday and it's at House of Mooshki, I can't wait!!


Just wondered if there was any brides on here who had/are having a House of Mooshki custom dress and what your experience was/has been like?


I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with a custom dress as I know what I want and although a lot of their dresses have elements of what I want, they just don't have everything.


Would love to hear of other brides experience :D


  • I'm not a House of Mooshki bride, but am so incredibly jealous! They are gorgeous and I'm very excited for you having a custom dress

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    I'm a house of Mooshki bride, there work is amazing and they are a pleasure to deal with.

    i did order through a retailer but had spoken to them directly a few times and they were always a pleasure to deal with.

    they have made my dream perfect wedding dress and made my dream into reality.

    their eye for detail is amazing!!! Keep me posted on what you go for!!xxx

  • Hey I am going to be a House of Mooshki bride. I have chosen Poppy as my dress but they are going to make it longer for me. I haven't got my dress yet, it's not due until January but the ones I tried on (which was around 20) of Mooshki's were all stunning. The quality looked and felt amazing! I cant wait to wear mine next May! Keep us posted 😊 x

  • Thank you for your replies :)


    It's so refreshing to hear such positive and amazing experiences about a bridal store. Don't think I've heard one bad remark made about them.


    I know what I want in my mind but I'm not sure whether I should try any on beforehand for an idea of what material I would like, which is the sticking point at the moment! I hope that once I'm there and they give me a few ideas I'll have a clearer idea! I'm definitely going for a long dress, 


    All of their dresses look amazing and can't wait to see them for real! The Poppy dress is stunning! 


    I'll keep you all posted!

  • Hi ladies


    Thought I'd update after my appointment.

    Travelled to Durham this morning see the House of Mooshki dresses in person and they are all so beautiful!! The work and attention details is put of this world.

    I've decided on a custom gown, taking elements from a few dresses and I'm just waiting for the sketches to be sent through so I can approve them. I'm so excited!!

    Unlike many bridal shops they were not sales heavy and actually refused to take my deposit until I had had an opportunity to think about it outside of the excitement of trying the dresses on.

    I can't wait to see the sketches and can't wait to pay the deposit!! Anyone else thinking of House of Mooshki, I would definitely recommend!!

  • I ordered mine yesterday, poppy, in Ivory but don't know if I should have gone for the longer length, it's an August wedding but will it feel less bridal being shorter??! So confused!

    does anyone have any pictures of a poppy dress in Ivory?


    Mrs stobe4 do we have an update on your dress yet?

    Jenny here is a picture of me in the poppy dress complete with veil and bouquet (only as my dad insisted lol)! I chose the poppy dress but longer length, not full length bit around the ankle


  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664


    im having Darla with additional detail in the skirt and she's tea length.

    put her on the other day and still blows my mind!!

    heaven knows what I'm like once its all fitted!!

    having a veil wobble thou which isn't ideal!

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