Scared to go dress shopping

anyone else feel scared to go and try some on?

i was trying to explain it to the oh

I'm 34 just 9 months ago had our 4th baby our eldist is 16

i feel old and fat and tired and am so scared of putting on a dress and looking short old and fat 

I keep cancelling appointments and have said I will go in January but probably won't feel great as would have enduleged to much good food and drink.

im wondering whether to go on my own but I know this will upset everyon.

any advice would be great Tia 



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Awww sorry you feel this way. In my experience, I absolutely loved trying on dresses and felt so special every time I went. If I am honest, I am very sad I wont ever be able to do it again now that I have my dress! 

    But I do realise not everyone feels this way, all I can suggest is to make sure that you take a trusted person who is sensitive to how you feel about the situation and how you feel abuot your image. 

    Personally I didn't do this, but I have seen some girls on here saying that they would go with full hair and make up as even I admit it can be a bit of a let down when you put the dresses on and your face/hair doesn't match haha! Also maybe take some glamorous shoes and underwear? 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I went on my own then my mum came with me to the fittings. If you uncomfortable how about going on  your own to start with to see what suits you and then taking someone with you?

  • Have you consider going to a high street shop? I.went with my Mum and we tried on outfits together.

    A traditional bridal appointment sounded like my idea of hell. I hate my body and being the centre of.attention like that!

  • I feel exactly the same way. I hate the idea of going into a bridal shop and having the women dress you. Ive got 9 months and haven't even been to one yet. It sounds silly but the only person i want to go with is my OH and I cant take him lol

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,922 New bride

    I think you need to remember that it's a bit like a beauty salon appointment- the lady will have seen it all before! She's not going to be looking at you thinking 'ew you're fat and old' she's going to be thinking 'let's find the perfect dress for this lady and make her feel great'. Every store I've been to had larger size samples so don't worry that they'll only have 8s and you won't be able to get in anything!

    I think you should give it a try and it won't be as bad as you think. Only take one or two people with you who you are very comfortable as too many people can be confusing and overwhelming.

    You might also want to clarify how the shop is set up. I've seen ones where you have the whole shop to yourself and ones where the bridal department is at the back of a dress shop and you're parading around in front of other customers browsing for dresses. I'm guessing you would prefer a more private experience!

  • Thanks ladies

    Harriet85 I hate the thought of standing there in my undies I've been looking at the shape wear bodysuits to try and cover everything up.

    im sure once I've done it I will be fine it's just the thought of it

    i only have till August so I best hurry up

  • try the dress is nice one..

    if you feel uncomfortable maybe you can buy it online or make it on bridal

  • yes I felt the same, I was 39 and had 2 children and a size 16. I actually ordered a wedding dress from BHS that I liked, tried it on at home, looked good and a fab price so I just stuck with that one. I didnt set foot in one bridal shop until a couple of days before the wedding when I started to have a bit of a wobble and decided to maybe buy a belt or hair piece. I went in to a lovely shop, there was a young girl trying on her dress surrounded by friends and her mum and I must admit I did have a tiny pang of regret that I hadnt done the whole trying on experience. But then my dress only cost £150 and I was really pleased with it...I think it was only last minute wobbles.

  • I'm getting married mid august and haven't been dress shopping. It's ironic that I read this as I was just saying to my OH in dreading going but I best get a move on as only 8 months to go. I just don't think I'm going to look 'right' in a dress. I'm quite heavy at the top and dread the thought of them 'hanging out' all the dress samples are genuinely size 10-12 and I'm 14-16 so will feel even worse feeling squashed into it when trying them on. What date in august are u getting married? Mines 13th ☺

  • Im the same, havent tried anything on.  I know the style of dress i want but i hate hate hate clothes shopping.  I hate mirrors because im fat and ugly and dont want to be surrounded by them!  My diet has gone out the window with christmas around the corner, wil be back on plan and more determned than ever Jan 1st!  I will probably go when ive lost about 3 stone, only got until September, so better get a move on!  

  • Aww, sorry sorry you feel this way! Don't worry, once you start trying some dresses on you might enjoy it. Remember, your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most amazing events in your life. Also, those bridal assistants are there to help you find the right dress, the one that would compliment your figure and makes you feel beautiful and special.  Also, if the dress doesn't fit you correctly, you can always get it altered and make it  fit the way you would like it to fit. Good luck x

  • Lovely to get so many responses 

    my wedding is 31 st August I've decided I'm just going to bite the bullet and go in january  If look that bad I will figure it out after 

    I'm not big but I don't like the way I look especially now I've had my forth but I must say I look worse in my head than I probably actually do 

    and I'm still losing weight propably with worry


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