Dessy Dresses from US. Need to match with grooms waistcoat.


I have my heart set on a dessy bridesmaid dress for my 2 adult BM. I was wondering how much extra tax I would expect to pay for the shipping and also doeas anyone have any idea how I go about making sure that my 3 boys, groom and bestman have matching colour for there waistcoat etc???

Any ideas welcome.

We are getting married on 20th June 2008 at the Capo Bay Hotel in Cyprus.

Thanks everyone

Martyne :\?


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    I got my dessy BM dress from the US. If you buy from House of Brides you should expect to pay around $70 for shipping, VAT at 17.5% and import tax on anything over £150. Some sellers (like the one i used on ebay) will label so you don't have to pay any taxes which is such a bonus!

    matching mens accessories is really easy. I'm getting all mine from reptonia here in the UK online, you can buy direct from dessy but reptonia are cheaper, the swatches are cheaper as well!

    Have you got a colour/style in mind? I love the dessy range it's so varied and easy to match up, my flower girl is having dessy dress as well!

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    Hi Buckers2B,

    Thanks for the info. I was really concerned that I may not be able to get the material to match. The dresses are so expensive from the UK and to be honest i'm not sure if I would be able to afford to buy them from here.

    I'm really into green (kiwi), cloudy (blue ish) and mocha. Can't quite decide, need to ask my BM's which they prefer. As it'll hopefully be sunny where we are getting married, I think pastel colours may just not show up on the photos. The style of the dress is a difficult one as my BM's are completely the opposite of each other. Hair, skin colouring, height etc. One wants strapless and the other wants straps. Personally, I like dress number 6242 or 6512. I know I have lots of time but when you start getting excited about things, you just want to organise it so you can really start putting a picture together. Think as I purchased the dress last weekend, it's just got this little ball rolling!!!!

    When are you getting married? Are you having mens waistcoats and if so, is someone making them for you with the material. Which dress and colour have you decided on for your flower girl? Wish I'd got a flower girl but after having my 3rd boy last year, I've given up.

    Feel a lot happier now. xx
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