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How do I choose a dress?

Hi everyone ! I have just started  the process of finding the dress.. Not ready to spend above £500-£800 which seems unreal in London wedding saloons. What do people say about alternative ways? Any reports on buying a dress online? I can't understand why the all cost over £1K in saloons and £100 online - are they really that bad online?

Having tried a few dresses I can definitely say I need a dress in which I can feel comfortable and can breathe - not too tight! Which probably means I need only an A-shape? Can anyone advise?


  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    Try a sample sale! I got my dress this way and it means i've been able to get a dress I would have never even considered full price - it's a Size 14 so I will need it altering 3 sizes down but because of the style the dressmaker said this is definitely possible and will not affect the style of the dress. 

    My budget for the dress was £1,000 and I wasn't finding anything I liked for this budget in wedding boutiques - I've now managed to get the dress, shoes, veil & fittings for less than my budget!

    I think there's a thread on this forum for sample sales so take a look :-) 

    Alternatively - have you tried Wed2Be? They have loads of dresses for you in their shops for under your budget x

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I have not been to wed2b but have also heard great things about it. Apparently you dont get the same kind of service you would in a bridal salon but for the price it is worth it!

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    From what I understand you'd have to find your own seamstress for fittings as you buy the actual dress and take away on the day so if thats not what you want definitely try a sample sale.

    I've got my dress from a sample sale in a boutique and have the same service as buying a full price dress - they're storing my dress until my first fitting and have put me in touch with their preferred seamstress who does fittings & alterations from the shop one night a week :-)

  • i also got my dress as a sample. i used this website when i was looking - - if you sign up for the newsletter you get weekly/monthly sample sales happening in your area and at least 30-50% of them are bridal related so worth the sign up.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Yes that is true that wed2b don't alter for you but most seamstresses are independent anyway and have their own private work alongside working with boutiques. I actually got my dress in a sample sale and have been given a price from the boutique I got it from and they are happy to store my dress etc but I have chosen to shop around as the quote is quite pricey.

    If you just email a local store and ask them for recommendations for a good seamstress they will tell you who they use, and at the same time tell them that they are your local store and you will be coming to them for an accessories appointment - they love it. 

  • Amazing designer sample experience, designer dresses at fraction of cost.




  • With USD500, you can get a perfect wedding dress tailored to your exact specifications. The issue is you should find a right supplier :)

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